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The picture was called "Royalty,Greece" on e-bay.
I am doubt...Though  a woman can be  Princess Catherine (1913- ) and a man - her husband?..I have no other idea.
Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

It looks like Katherine to me--she has sort of a distinctive face. I would imagine then that the man would be her husband.

these photos were taken at the time of the engagement between Katherine and Richard Brandram.

Thanks you all,GDElla and Marlene!  :) :) :)

By the way, Richard Brandram is so cute... ;)

I think she's one of just 2 great-grandchildren of QV left living. I think the other is one of Daisy Connaught's sons (Carl Johan?) She's apparently not in the best health (not surprising at her age).


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