Author Topic: "Silver Era" of Russia and the IF  (Read 2072 times)

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"Silver Era" of Russia and the IF
« on: April 23, 2011, 03:51:31 AM »
(I hope I am not repeating a topic, if so then my apologies)

I've asked already about tsarina Alexandra's favouritue writer (as I read that she was an ardent reader) and frankly I've never heard about that author's name.

Overall, it sounds sad, that in the middle of the so-called "Silver Era" of the Russian literature I get the impression that the works of those contemporary poets and authors (such as Blok, Akhmatova, Beliy, etc) were not really preferred by the IF.
I wonder why...I read that the tsar liked Gogol, and his wife found enjoyment in the works of such poets as Fet or Maykov - so I beleive they had a good taste.
I get the impression that the imperial couple were..hmm...too "sheltered" from their contemporaries. Does anybody know, if Nicholas or Alexandra even heard/cared about what's going on in such circles?
I read in one of Alexandra's letters to the tsar during WWI. her complaint that nowadays (that is in their days:)) no real writer emerges, everybody is fake  and untalented or something like that - honestly this strucks me as she was living in a great era, when Russia was "literally" full with talents!

Then of course, I guess they would have judged them as too "mondain" and decadent...:(