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Causes of death
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Mary Queen of Scots – beheaded
Henry, Lord Darnley – strangled

James I and VI – stroke
Anne of Demark – alcoholism

Henry, Prince of Wales – typhoid
Elizabeth the "Winter Queen" of Bohemia – pleurisy
Charles I – beheaded
Henrietta Maria – accidental opium overdose
Charles James – died a few hours after birth (premature?)
Charles II – mercury poisoning
     Catherine of Braganza – appendicitis
     Lucy Walters – sexually transmitted disease (?)
     James Scott, Duke of Monmouth – beheaded
     Duke of Grafton – killed in action
     Earl of Plymouth – dysentery
     Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine – dropsy (probably kidney failure or diabetes)
Mary of Orange – smallpox
     William II of Orange – smallpox
     William III – pneumonia/broken collarbone
James II – stroke/pneumonia
     Anne Hyde – cancer (?)
     Mary Beatrice of Modena – cancer
     Mary II – smallpox
     Queen Anne – stroke
     William, Duke of Gloucester – scarlet fever
     James II’s children (and those of Queen Anne) who died very young – epidemic disease
     James III/The Old Pretender – brain tumor
            Clementina Sobieska – heart failure
            Bonnie Prince Charlie – alcoholism
            Henry, Cardinal York – old age (?)
     Louise Marie “La Consolatrice” – smallpox
Elizabeth and Anne Stuart – tuberculosis
Henry, Duke of Gloucester - smallpox
Minette d’Orleans – peritonitis
      Marie Louise, Queen of Spain – typhoid
      Anne Marie of Savoy – old age (?)
      Son whose name I can’t remember – epidemic disease

Note: you could add "quacked to death by doctors" to almost everyone on this list and you wouldn't be wrong. 

Disclaimer: I don’t teach history.
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