Author Topic: Update on the Remains of the Grand Dukes Murdered at St. Peter and St. Paul  (Read 2860 times)

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Paul Gilbert comes through again.  Those who do not subscribe to his site and are interested in Romanov news should!


News on excavation of graves at the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathederal Complext in St. Petersburg.



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This is amazing. Naturally I hope that funding can be found to do the work properly , not the least of which will be the identification of victims. Ironically, because of the prominence of the murder site and of the Bolshevik practice at the time to  publicly announce (at least some of) the executions after the fact in print, this identification may be successful. Still, that's a lot of remains to sort through.

Also, it's striking to me that the excavation had been underway for some time. Since it's so near to the PP Cathedral I would have thought it would  have been more newsworthy and have been commented on.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dominic.
Rodney G.