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Here’s new topic  on  Grand Dukes of Saxe-Weimar .

(There’s a thread on the last GD – Wilhelm Ernst:
http://forum.alexanderpalace.org/index.php?topic=4972.0 )

 This topic is about his predecessors and some of their relatives.

Info and images of GD Karl Friedrich, 2nd Grand Duke in 1828-1853 years, can be found here:


this is a topic on his wife GDss Maria Pawlowna, nee Russian Grand Duchess.  She was much respected by her Russian family, esp. Emperor Nicholas I, and by her German relatives and subjects. A very-well educated woman, she brought up her children in the “Weimar” spirit – a lot of science, poetry and literature.

Children of KF and MP were:

1.Paul Alexander (1805–1806)

2. Marie (1808–1877) married Prince Karl of Prussia

Thread on her descendants:


3. Augusta (1811-90), married Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, aka Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany

Thread on her and her husband:


Also a lot of info on her relations with the family of her son can be found in various threads here in the Hohenzollern subforum.

4. Karl Alexander (1818-1901) Grand Duke since 1853 year.

KA was not too much sophisticated but anyway continued Weimar traditions of protection to talented people - had a friendship with Hans Christian Andersen, helped to Wagner and Liszt.
Many contemporaries found a striking resemblance between him and his unfortunate grandfather Emperor Pavel I.
GD Gavriil Konstantinovitch Romanov in his memoirs mentions funny story about GD KA and Gavriil’s grandmother GDss Alexandra Iosifovna. Grand Duke was known for adding colour to his moustaches and everyone who kissed him got that colour on the face. Once GDss AI was meeting the Grand Duke at the station and when old but dashing KA streamed to kiss Alexandra she swiftly gave her pet-dog instead her cheek and KA had nothing to do than to kiss the dog.

and here with his grandson Wilhelm Ernst in 1896 year,in Moscow, at the coronation of Nicholas II

Karl Alexander married 1842 his first cousin, Princess Sophie of the Netherlands, daughter of King William II and Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna of Russia, sister of his mother.

(last photo is a courtesy of Thijs, our poster)

Looking at some of her photos it can be said that her jewellery collection was quite impressive.

The family of KA and Sophie in 1889 year:

KA and Sophie had four children:

1.   Karl August  (1844 –94). He  was next in line in the succession to the throne of the Netherlands. That’s why he spoke fluent Dutch, due to the possibility of becoming king if Wilhelmina died childless. He died in 1894 and so his son Wilhelm Ernst became Hereditary Duke to Saxe-Weimar.

Karl August married Princess Pauline of Saxe-Weimar. They were second cousins, as she was the granddaughter of Prince Bernhard, who was younger brother of GD Karl Friedrich. Their marriage was not happy and Pauline re-married later.

Here’re 2 articles on her in Marlene Koenig’s wonderful blog:


The unhappy pair had 2 sons: Wilhelm Ernst (see his own thread)and Bernhard (1878-1900). The latter was a possible husband for Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, but engagement never took place as the Queen didn’t like her cousin. He died early, probably because of tuberculosis.

2.Marie (1849-1922). Eldest daughter of KA and Sophie. She married in 1876 Prince Prince Heinrich VII Reuss zu Kostritz. They had 6 children: among them was Heinrich XXXIII who married firstly Princess Viktoria Margarethe of Prussina, niece of Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria.

here she is with her sister Elisabeth

with her daughter Sophie Renata (who also married a Reuss Prince)

3.   Anna (1851-1859).Died as a little girl.

4.   Elisabeth (1854-1908). Married in 1886 to Duke Johann Albrecht of Mecklenburg-Schwerin , brother of GDss Maria Pavlovna-elder,spouse of GD Vladimir.  Their marriage was arranged – Johann Albrecht needed a rich wife and he got such one. Elisabeth was a cultured person, nice and intelligent –at least a Russian diarist Polovtzov praised her (and he rarely praised someone in his diaries) and said that Johann Albrecht looked arrogant, dull and foolish by her side. Seemed she had a bad health, her face in the photos looks  tired and ill but an expression is sweet anyway.

with her sister Marie and cousin Pailune

with her husband

If someone has more info and rare images on those Weimar Royals – please post, any addition is welcome.

Other branch of the Saxe-Weimar Grand Ducal House. Descendants of Prince Bernhard (1792-1862), younger brother of GD Karl Friedrich and distinguished military commander.


Bernhard married Princess Ida of Saxe-Meiningen (1794-1852) in 1816 year.


They had the following children:

1.   Luise (1817-32)

2.    Wilhelm (1819-39)

3.   Amalia (1822)

4.   Eduard (1823-1902). Famous English military commander and field marshall.

He married morganatically in 1851 Lady Augusta Gordon-Lennox (1827-1904),who got  the title Countess of Dornburg. They had no children.


5.   Hermann (1825-1901). He also had a military career . In 1851 he married Princess Augusta of Württemberg (1826-98) and they had 6 chidren including Herediraty Duchess Pauline (see above).

his wife Augusta

6.   Gustav (1827-92). Also a soldier. Married morganatically in 1870 Pierina Marcocchia (1845-79), who got the title baroness Neupurg. No descendants.

7.   Anna (1828-64). Unmarried

8.   Amalia (1830-72). She married Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands (his 1st wife) in 1853.

Here’s a thread where Thijs posted the photo of Amalia and her husband in 1866 in a group of relatives:


Children of Prince Hermann and Augusta of Württemberg

1.   Pauline (1852-1904). Married her cousin Karl August (1844-94) (see info above)

as a little girl

2.   Wilhelm (1853–1924). Married in in 1885 Princessn Gerta zu Isenburg-Büdingen (1863–1945)

Wilhelm and his wife. They had 3 children

3.   Bernhard (1855–1907), Graf von Crayenburg since 1901. He married twice morganatically:
In 1900 Marie Luise Brockmüller (1866–1903) and in 1905 Gräfin Elisabeth von der Schulenburg (1869–1940).

Here’s a link to an article about his renunciation of the title


4.   Alexander (1857–1891). Unmarried

5.   Ernst (1859–1909). Unmarried


6.   Olga (1869–1924).Married in 1902 Prince Leopold zu Isenburg-Büdingen (1866–1933). They had one son.


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