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Spurious Ebay Photos of the Imperial Family. Beware.

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Carolath Habsburg:
I dont know, maybe Romanovrussia bought one of those pictures and as an expert saw they were fake. This seller has one feedback against him saying "All his photos are fake. They are available in Moscow for $10 each. Beware buyer" in april of this year.

I just remember something that a flickr friend of mine went to some museum in russia and took several images to some Gds portraits and they were avalaible in hi res to everyone to download. Well,  early this year this ebay seller had THE SAME PICTURES MY FRIEND TOOK ON SALE AS PRINTS!. So, before he started to sell fraudulent CDVS,  he was stealing on flickr.

It does sound pretty bad. If the FA had dealt with them w/o issue before, I wonder why they decided to go this route? Seems a 'get rich quick' way which will only eventually ruin their reputation and, perhaps (though ebay is pretty lax) get them banned. If they've dealt with experts before they couldn't have expected to get away with it for very long. Pretty short-sighted decision unless they just decided to take the money and run in the short-term. It's very hard to prove fraud to ebay though in many cases--the ony thing is to spread the word.

I think the seller is most certainly aware, the quantity he is selling I think suggests he himself is producing them and you can tell the are fake, they way he has tried to distress them etc.
Shame, some poor souls are spending 100's of pounds...

Forum Admin:
It is a common trick we have seen before.  If a dealer has "some" genuine things, it gives credibility that his OTHER things are also genuine, which is what I think Oceanic Voyager is doing. These are not period photos. They are modern photos of period photos, deliberately mounted onto antique photo cards to give them the appearance of being old.  To me the key is that there are NO RETURNS! Any reputable dealer will always accept returns if what they sell is not what they claim it to be.  What is making us mad is that some people are spending $400-500 or more more these deliberate fake photographs.

Forum Admin:
Here are a few examples of Oceanic Voyager's FAKES for sale right now:
This photo is ACTUALLY the Boissonas & Eggler photo taken at the 1903 Costume Ball in St Petersburg!. Here it is on some no name photographer's card (KosnarskyO IN MOSCOW! an obvious fake...yet he describes it as "Antique Russian Photograph...Rare"

This image is ACTUALLY a Levitsky photograph of Nicholas II, but here is on some other photographer's card. ANOTHER FAKE for which some unsuspecting person has already bid over $200...

This is the photo of Dagmar and Alexandra, which I know was taken in Copenhagen, but here he has it on a Moscow photographer's card...and other FAKE...

This is of course the Boissonas & Eggler studio portrait of Nicholas II, here on a French "cabinet portrait" card!  FAKE.


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