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Re: Anna Anderson decoy?
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I can never make the "search function" work.  No mater what I look for I get nothing.

Maybe I'm just "search function" impaired.   ???

Me too! No matter what I search for, I always get nothing! It always tells me no matches were found. :P

Even when (and I believe it will happen) the bones of the two "missing children" are found, there will always be a need to mention her and her part in the years following the Yekaterinburg murder.  The amount of type space will keep diminishing, but she will always be there.

I'm afraid even when the missing children are found, there will still be conspiracy theorists who will say those are the wrong bones, somebody was paid off by the Queen, etc. ::) :( It'll never end because some people won't let it end. But it's good to see fewer people falling for the silly story these days.
If two bodies are found in the Koptayki Forest with all the same traits as Anastasia and Alexei and are proven to be related through the Victorian and Romanov lines, I don't think you're going to hear many people arguing with that.

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Re: Anna Anderson decoy?
« Reply #241 on: June 23, 2007, 06:50:15 PM »
Anyone kwhat now the size of the Koptayki Forest was in 1918? 

I assume it has shrunk in size as Ekaterinburg has grown larger.  Has it? 

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Re: Anna Anderson decoy?
« Reply #242 on: September 13, 2011, 02:31:21 PM »
I doubt they would have been "testing the waters" concerning the survival of a Romanov girl. However, the idea of a lone survivor of an alleged massacre with strong romantic overtones does tend to reinforce the concept that such a massacre occurred. In other words, it makes any potential theories stop short of a more comprehensive idea of survival by inferential default.