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Re: Anna Vyrubova's Family
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Wasn't this Mariana (who was also the stepsister of Dmitri) the one Vyrobova alleged to be at the Yussupov home the night of Rasputin's murder?

Yes, she was.

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Re: Anna Vyrubova's Family
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Wouldn't it be great if there were documents, etc, at New York. When interviewed, Sergei said that some of his sister's things were at Yale.. but i wonder whether he preserved any family documents? So many great paths for research! :)

Thanks again to the late Mr. Brewster, we can give you some more information on Serge Taneyev.

In February 1917, just before the Revolution, Serge married the Georgian Princess Tinatine Ilyinichna Jorjadze (Dzhordzhadze - if transliterating from the Russian, not Georgian).

In 1924 they came to the USA. In approx. 1925, their daughter, and only child, Nina died, apparently of meningitis.

Mr. Brewster met them in New York City in 1935.

Serge died on Saturday, Feb. 1, 1975, in New York.
An obituary appeared in the NY Times on the following Monday.
Here is an abastract of the obituary:

(Full text can be purchased from the NYT, which owns the copyright.)
Note that they spelled his name: Taneyew.

Tinatine died in July of 1987, she was in her nineties.
Mr. Brewster used to visit her about once a month, but he was out of town when she died, and he never found an obituary on her.

By the way, Tinatine's cousin, Pr. Dmitry Jorjadze was at one time married to Audery Emory, the divorced American wife of G. D. Dmitry Pavlovich.
(Dmitry Jorjadze was married five or six times. Tinatine finally told him not to bother informing her of his next one!)

Both Serge and Tinatine are buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Queens, NY.

Tinatine and her cousin, Princess Salome Adronikashvili, were the “Georgian Muses” of the poet Osip Mandelstam.
Tinatine is the heroine of Mandelstam’s poem “I have lost a delicate cameo on the bank of the Neva…” (1916).
«Я потеряла нежную камею...»
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