Author Topic: Les Aigles foudroyés & Mémoires d'exil  (Read 2920 times)

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Les Aigles foudroyés & Mémoires d'exil
« on: July 31, 2016, 05:40:25 PM »
These documentaries were made for French television in the 90s by Frederic Mitterrand. I believe they were released on DVD/VHS although are now likely to be out of print.

"Les Aigles foudroyés" covers the royal families before the great war and "Mémoires d'exil" follows the Romanovs, Habsburgs and Hohenzollern families in exile.

Has anybody seen them? And does anybody know if they can be viewed with English subtitles?

They have some great film footage

first part of "Mémoires d'exil"
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Re: Les Aigles foudroyés & Mémoires d'exil
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I have them, they are excellent, but without English subtitles.

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