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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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As for the Beillis case the police knew he was inocent and knew he was going to be found not guilty by a jury but they let the case go fowards to prevent a pogrom. Of course, this was a PR disaster for Russia abroad.

I've read this too. But I'm wondering. If the authorities were concerned about a pogrom why didn't they simply acquit him before there was even a trial? The answer, far as I could tell, was actually rooted in antisemitism. They treated it as show trial. The prosecution might have known they were bound to lose, but they could resist the chance to stick it to the Jews.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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One has to wonder, considering the way they looked down on the Jews, what the Russian Empire would have thought of the Nazi Holocaust?   Mind you, Stalin was no friend of the Jews either.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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December, 1912 - St. Petersburg

The scene begins in the fall of 1912. Tsarevich Alexei's recovery from his near death experience at Spala has temporarily brightened the outlook of his relieved parents. Nicholas & Alexandra are shown speaking in the afternoon of a sunny autumn day on a porch at Alexander Palace. The Empress is knitting quietly while the Tsar reads a book...

Nicholas (breaking the silence): What would say to me lifting the banishment of uncle Paul and his family?
Alexandra (surprised): I would say it is an excellent idea, and long overdue...have you been considering it?
Nicholas: Yes. Actually I've already had the paperwork drawn it's just a matter of sending for him. I wanted to get your confirmation first of course.
Alexandra: Oh Nicky it would be splendid! But why do you choose now to call him home?
Nicholas (gazing at his wife and then out the window): I don't know exactly. Perhaps Alexei's ordeal has changed me some...I feel as though this is a time when family should be closer together, and I want to reach out to them. The Tercentenary will begin in a few months. We should be celebrating our past and present. All Romanovs can reflect and rejoice.
Alexandra (smiling): Yes.
Nicholas: I suppose I'm also taken by the symbolism surrounding Paul's exile and now his return.
Alexandra: The symbolism?
Nicholas: Don't you remember? Alexei was just a baby and was terribly ill. I was appalled at how my uncle could betray the family at such a time by marrying his commoner bride (standing up and walking towards the window, the camera focuses in on several guards on horseback and manning their posts)...of course we weren't wrong to send him away. But it was still done through an act of anger.
Maid (enterting the room and carrying a tray of lite snacks and tea): Oh, your majesty forgive me.
Nicholas: For what madame?
Maid (smiling): I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you had come to visit with her majesty.
Nicholas (smiling): It's quite alright.
Alexandra: Yes, thank you for the tea Mathilde.
Nicholas: Da, Spasibo.
Maid (curtsying then departing): Your majesties.
Alexandra (pouring herself and then Tsar a fresh cup): And now through an act of kindness, with our son once again recovering by God's mercy, you call him back to Russia. I think it's lovely darling.
Nicholas (sitting back down to take his tea): You think he'll want to leave France?
Alexandra: He's a good man with a good sense of duty. This is his home.
Nicholas: Yes I'm certain of it.

The Tsar is shown taking a sip of tea as the scene cuts away. It picks back up again sometime later with Grand Duke Paul seated with Nicholas and Alexandra in the Tsar's main office of the palace. We begin with the three of them in mid conversation and sharing in a hearty laugh while taking tea...

Paul (laughing): So there you have it. A fledgling poet, an aspiring general, an actress, a society woman, and the wife of a Swedish prince!
Nicholas (chuckling): From all walks of life they come from the Pavlovich family!
Alexandra (smiling): So very interesting. Of course our daughters and son also have their secret talents.
Paul: Oh I'm quite certain!
Nicholas: Lets see now. General. That one is easy. Alexei will be Tsar so he will rule the military which is the next closest thing a man can be. Poet...
Alexandra: Olga.
Nicholas: Yes most certainly, the girl has a charming mind and wit.
Alexandra (smiling): Actress?
Nicholas (smiling): Oh yes, that might be even easier than general! Our impish little Nastya of course.
Alexandra: They'll all be wives of princes.
Nicholas: Yes that goes without saying. Society woman? Marie does love the male attention she receives.
Alexandra: She won't when she's married!
Nicholas (smiling): Yes, yes I know. The girl wants to marry an officer, have a large family, and live in a cottage in the countryside.
Paul (chuckling): She is darling indeed. I suppose she'll have to settle for marrying a prince and living in a palace with her many children.
Alexandra: Oh yes, if I have anything to say about it.
Nicholas: And of course you do my what of Tatiana?
Paul: Magnificent beauty she is Nicky, and carries herself with an air of confidence. She could easily be that society woman we're looking for.
Alexandra: A very capable young lady indeed, but she's far too dedicated to her duties. She'll have the grace and charm of a society woman but be a perfect princess. Perhaps she'll take up nursing as well. That's always something I've longed for and would gladly accept if given the opportunity.
Paul: I believe you are right Alix. Tatiana would make a wonderful nurse as well as wife and princess.
Nicholas (after a pause): Paul I never need an excuse to invite a family member over for tea and conversation, but there is a more specific reason why I asked you to the palace today.
Paul (finishing another sip of tea): Oh? And what is that Nicky?
Nicholas (smiling and looking over at Alexandra): Your wife Olga, and your children; Vladimir, Irina, and Natalia, are to be given proper titles. Prince and princesses Paley. You on the other hand I would like to place in command of a corps of the imperial guard.
Paul (shocked and thrilled): Nicky! Oh Nicky, Alix. This is wonderful news!
Nicholas: It's overdue.
Paul: I, I don't know what to say other than thank you! Thank you dearly. Olga and the children will be overwhelmed!
Alexandra: It's time to put the past behind us Paul. The Romanovs must be united. Dmitri most of all needs his father...he's no longer a boy but still a young man and impressionable.
Paul: Yes, yes you're quite right (standing up).
Nicholas: I have some paperwork for you to sign but it's a formality.
Paul (moving over to embrace his nephew with tears in his eyes): Oh Nicky! I'm so sorry for the distress I caused you and the family.
Nicholas: As you have told me many Alix said, it's all in the past now uncle.
Paul: I am so grateful to you both!

Alexandra is shown with tear in her eyes and she too rises from her seated position and warmly embraces the Grand Duke and her husband. The three of them stand in the middle of the room holding one another as the scene cuts away...
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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We then shift to a scene taking place on January 6, 1914. An Epiphany parade is being held inside the Winter Palace. The camera pans around the large reception hall to show many members of the Romanov family as well as Ministers and other notable aristocrats gathered on either side. Leading the procession down the hall are several priests holding banners of both Christ and the Tsar. Walking in behind Nicholas and Alexei, both in full dress uniform, the Dowager Empress is shown in a silver Russian sarafan trimmed with blue ribbon. She nods and smiles to the adoring crowd while her less comfortable looking daughter-in-law offers up a slighter grin and nod. Alexandra never the less looks brilliant dressed in a deep blue and gold-embroidered sarafan with an large sable-trimmed train. She wears a headdress crowned by a diamond diadem with a pearl...

Quickly cutting to a scene taking place moments later the camera zooms in on a conversation between Prime Minister Vladimir Kokovtsov and former Interior Minister Alexander Makarov...

Kokovtsov: How have you been Alexander?
Makarov (picking from a tray of Hors d'oeuvre): Very well, thank you. My wife and I have been travelling some lately.
Kokovtsov: Anywhere exciting?
Makarov: Not really. Just the usual...Paris, London, Rome, Vienna.
Kokovtsov (smiling): And what's in store for you here in Russia?
Makarov: I think I'd like to pursue another ministerial appointment...perhaps Justice.
Kokovtsov (smiling): Well good luck my dear man but it seems to me that Minister Shcheglovitov has a lifetime appointment at his post.
Makarov: Yes I expect nothing to change anytime soon. Until them I'm happy to bide my time.
Kokovtsov: Perhaps the Tsar will appoint you prime minister.
Makarov (smiling): Are you tendering your resignation?
Kokovtsov: Not exactly. But I do believe my days are numbered.
Makarov (surprised): Really?
Kokovtsov: Seems that our old friend Minister Maklakov has the ear of the Tsar these days...and of course, there is Rasputin. I'm hearing only rumors to this point but it wouldn't shock me to be asked by his majesty to step down.
Makarov: In favor whom?
Kokovtsov: Ivan Goremykin
Makarov (angry): Nicholas can't be serious. Goremykin is old and reactionary. Not what this government needs.
Kokovtsov: He's an ardent monarchist...and you're right, he's not what Russia needs, but he may be exactly what the Tsar and Maklakov want.
Makarov: This is madness! Damned foolish and outrageous!
Kokovtsov (grinning): Welcome home Makarov.
Makarov (pointing out Maklakov and Goremykin across the room): Look, I see them now. Together, just as you say, and in conversation.
Kokovtsov (taking a glass of wine off a tray): Oh don't pay it any mind for now. Whatever happens will happen...besides there are more pressing matters on the Tsar's mind at the moment.
Makarov: Such as?
Kokovtsov: His eldest niece Irina is to marry Prince Felix Yusupov next month.
Makarov: Ah yes. Quite the scandal is it not? The most beautiful young lady in Russia, niece to the Tsar, marrying the flamboyant homosexual Yusupov.
Kokovtsov: He's also incredibly rich.
Makarov: As if the Alexandrovich's were ever in need of money.
Kokovtsov (chuckling): Yes quite true. Nicholas and Alexandra strongly disapprove of the marriage, but Grand Duchess Xenia and Princess Zenaida have become close with one another.
Makarov: It's rumored that the Princess Irina adores Felix and cares little about his, well, rather unsavory behavior.
Kokovtsov: She's a young, naive girl. Taken in by his charm and wit and bank account. He's a cross-dresser you know. I hear the only more attractive woman than Irina is her soon to be husband when dressed as a female.
Makarov (laughing): He may be equally naive. I understand that despite his unusual proclivities he possesses a heart of gold. His mother had to talk him out of giving away his inheritance to charity.
Kokovtsov: Then of course there was scandal last year. Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and he were rumored to be companions were they not?
Makarov: Yes, I hear that both Alexandra and the Dowager Empress were horrified. So much so that they attempted to keep Felix from marrying Irina.
Kokovtsov: And subsequently Dmitri from being matched with Olga Nikolaevna...well what can one say. Love is complicated.
Makarov: Maklakov, Rasputin, the Grand if that were not enough the Romanovs are a complicated mess. The Tsar himself is under siege. I'm reluctant to criticize him even when I strongly disagree. The turmoil that grips Russia and Europe is seemingly nothing compared to what he must deal with in regards to his own family.
Kokovtsov (grabbing two glasses of champagne from a tray): Well yes. Here you are (handing Makarov a glass). To The Tsar...may he be granted peace of mind!

Both men smile and toast one another. Prior to that final scene which concludes with the picture cutting away we are shown various brief clips involving Felix Yusupov, Irina Alexandrovna, Dmitri Pavlovich and others as they are being described by the two gentleman...

- Felix, out for a horse ride, finds Alexander Mikhailovich and his daughter Irina along a path. The fifteen year old girl is shown making eyes at the Prince who gazes at her in kind while speaking with her father.
- Felix is then shown warmly embracing Dmitri and the two dance with a pair of gypsies in a private room.
- Yusupov is then shown dressed in full female attire admiring himself in front of a mirror.
- Various brief clips show Irina taking tea with her parents and the Yusupovs, riding next to Dmiti in an automobile, and walking down a path in Alexander Park with cousins Olga & Tatiana Nikolavena. The girls in conversation and giggling with one another.
- Another clip shows the couple walking down the large red carpeted stair case of Anichkov Palace. Irina wears a fashionably modern 20th century dress, laced in veil and accompanied by a rock-crystal tiara. Two palace guards are standing on either side at the foot of the staircase and the room is full of guests. One particular guest can be heard whispering to his wife, "What an amazing couple. So attractive. What bearing! What breeding!"
- Tsar Nicholas is shown walking his niece down the isle and giving her away. Felix and Irina are then shown standing face to face and taking their vows.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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We then shift our focus and attention to Prime Minister Kokovtsov. A series of clips are shown depicting the content of letters received and written between the Tsar, Empress and Kokovtsov, as well as entries from the Prime Minister's diary. Kokovtsov is first shown seated at a desk in his office and reads a letter from the Empress...

Alexandra (voice narrating): I wished to see you to tell you that both the Tsar and I beg you always to be quite frank with us and to tell us the truth, not hesitating lest it be unpleasant for us. Believe me, even if it does not appear so at first, we shall be grateful to you for it later.

The scene shifts to the minister being led into the Winter Palace for an appointment with the Tsar. While he is shown being officially appointed to the role of Prime Minister by the Tsar and Empress, who stands nearby, we hear his voice reading one of his diary entries...

Kokovtsov (voice narrating): At first I enjoyed her Majesty's favor. In fact, I was appointed Chairman of the Ministers' Council with her knowledge and consent. Hence, when the Duma and press began a violent campaign against Rasputin she expected me to put a stop to it.

Another scene shows a disgruntled Empress reading newspaper headline and appearing to complain to her husband of the smear campaign against their friend Rasputin. Included in the sequence is a brief clip of Rasputin meeting with Kokovstov taking tea in his antechamber, as well as various images of the Empress kneeling at her ill son Alexei's bedside and, along with Nicholas and Ana Vyrubova, speaking with the starets in person...

Kokovstov (voice narrating): Yet it was not my opposition to the Tsar's proposal to take measures against the press than won me Her Majesty's displeasure. It was my report to His majesty about Rasputin after the Starets had visited me. From that time on, although the Tsar continued to show his favor for another two years, my dismissal was assured. This changed attitude of Her Majesty is not hard to understand. In her mind, Rasputin was closely associated with the health of her son, and the welfare of the Monarchy. To attack him was to attack the protector of what she held most dear. Moreover, like any righteous person, she was offended to think that the sanctity of her home had been questioned in the press and in the Duma. She thought that I, as head of the government, was responsible for permitting these attacks, and could not understand why I could not stop them by giving orders in the name of the Tsar. She considered me, therefore, not a servant of the Tsar, but a tool of the enemies of the state and, as such, deserving dismissal.

The scene shifts again to Kokovtsov, alone in his dimly lit office and seated at his desk. He has just been handed a letter from the Tsar and begins to read...

Nicholas (voice narrating): Vladimir Nikolaevich Kokovtsov; It is not a feeling of displeasure but a long-standing and deep realization of a state need that now forces me to tell you that we have to part. I'm doing this in writing, for it is easier to select the right words when putting them on paper than during an unsettling conversation...The happenings of the past eight years have persuaded me definitely that the idea of combining in one person the duties of Chairman of the Ministers' Council and those of Minister of Finance or of the Interior, is both awkward and wrong in a country such as Russia...Moreover the swift uptempo of our domestic life and the striking development of the economic forces of our country both demand the undertaking of most definite and serious measures. A task which should be best entrusted to a man fresh for the work...During the last two years, unfortunately, I have not always approved of the policy of the Minister of Finance, and I perceive that this can go no farther...I appreciate highly your devotion to me and the great service you have performed in achieving remarkable improvements in Russia's state credit. I am grateful to you for this from the bottom of my heart. Believe me, I am sorry to part with you who have been my assistant for ten years. Believe also, that I shall not forget to take suitable care of you and your family...I expect you with your last report on Friday, at 11:00am as always, and ever as a friend...With sincere regards - Nicholas.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The scene shifts to Kokovtsov walking alone down Nevsky Prospect. It is a busy afternoon with bustling traffic, street car vendors and people from all walks of Russian life entering and exiting stores, offices and taverns. The now former Prime Minister wears a black hat and overcoat and walks with a cain, an emotionless look pasted onto his face. We shift to him being received at Anichkov Palace and in a room taking tea with the Dowager Empress...

Kokovtsov: I am greatly flattered that you have invited me here today. It is my firm belief that so long as the Her Majesty is around Russia is in good hands.
Marie Feoderovna (distressed): Kokovtsov listen to me now. I know you are an honorable man and I know that you bear no ill will toward my son. You must also understand my fears for the future. My daughter-in-law does not like me; she thinks that I am jealous of her power. She does not perceive that my one aspiration is to see my son happy. Yet I see that we are nearing some catastrophe and the Tsar listens to no one but flatterers, not perceiving or even suspecting what goes on all around him.
Kokovtsov: I share in your concerns, and I wish there was more that I could have done.
Marie Feoderovna: Why do you not decide to tell the Tsar frankly all you think and know, now that you are at liberty to do so? Warn him Vladimir, if it is not already too late.
Kokovtsov (after a pause and sip of tea): I can do nothing. No one will listen to me or believe me. The young Empress thinks me her enemy. This has been the case for the past two years now. Two years since I've truly had the ear of the Tsar.

The Empress slumps back in her chair, tears filling her eyes and she gazes out the window. An expression of despair can also be seen on Kokovtsov's face as the scene cuts away. It picks back up one final time with the former Prime Minister being led to the Tsar's office at Alexander Palace. While he is walking and entering the room to speak with his sovereign his voice narrates diary entries that he has written, describing the scene as it unfolds...

Kokovtsov (voice narrating): Then as now I could see clearly that the Tsar had written the letter under the influence of the pressure which had been brought to bear upon him for the purpose of removing me. Evidently the Tsar did not trust himself during a conversation with me, fearing that I might advance arguments which would force him to change his mind...on the other hand, the persons enjoying his confidence persisted in their purpose (brief clips of Maklakov, Goremykin and Rasputin flash on the screen), and therefore he has decided to take a step which made his decision with respect to me irrevocable...Both of us had to struggle against the emotions that surged within us. For some moments neither of us could speak. The Tsar could not hold back the tears.

Nicholas (embracing Kokovtsov with moist eyes): Tell me again...that you bear me no enmity and that we part as friends.
Kokovtsov: I assure you of the undying love for my sovereign, and my unending gratitude for all of your past kindness.

The two men are shown embracing once more and Kokovtsov is then shown exiting the room. As he walks out the Tsar stands, as though at attention, until the door shuts behind him. Nicholas is then shown moving back behind his desk. he briefly glances at the reports in front of him and in a fit of despair pushes them off his desk and onto the floor before burying his head in his hands and quietly sobbing...

Walking down the hallway and exiting the palace Kokovtsov is noticed by the Empress. She peaks at him from her partially opened doorway, a calm look of firmness on her face as the former Prime Minister departs from her home for a final time. The camera then zooms back closely in on the sad looking face of Kokovtsov who continues to walk down the long main hallway...

Kokovtsov (voice narrating): The departing interview with the Empress did not take place. I did not press that matter, for I knew Her Majesty was not well disposed toward me. Thus I expect never to speak with her again.

The scene fades out and cuts away.
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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First of two parts...

Spring, 1914 - St. Petersburg

We begin our next scene in Rasputin's St. Petersburg flat. The Starets is shown arriving back home in the late morning to a crowded madhouse. He is accompanied by his friend, newspaper editor Alexei Frolov Filippov, and trailed by two Okhrana agents placed on his security detail at the urging of the imperial couple. The camera pans around the apartment to show various clips. A crowded hallway with a pair of detectives in conversation while standing on a staircase, next to a living room where aristocratic female guests are gathered and taking tea...

It's very loud as voices and the sound of a ringing telephone bounces from wall to wall and echos down the dark and musty hallway. In an office room we see long time mistress Akilina Laprinskaya doubling as personal secretary and inputting names and information on a typewriter. Several lower class men, some escorting wives and children and asking for spiritual favors, have lined up in front of her and are awaiting to be signed in. One particular woman with tear filled eyes is shown in deep mourning as she clutches a small child to her bosom...

As Rasputin and his friend Filippov enter a female admirer hurries her way to the entrance and takes both of their coats. In the adjacent room the aristocratic ladies stand at attention and look on excitedly, greeting the Starets in unison. Rasputin walks over and briefly greets the women with a smile replying, "I hope you ladies are comfortable. Please I'll only be a few more minutes" while Filippov heads down the hallway, into the kitchen and answers the ringing phone...

The side door, seemingly revolving with entering and occasionally exiting guests includes a bank chairman who passes along a note to a scantily dressed woman working the door and smoking a cigarette. Other visitors are shown waiting in line outside. Some of them waiting to join the line of those begging for favors and others carrying baskets, large parcels and bouquets of flowers. Rasputin is shown receiving the message delivered to his female assistant while seated briefly in a kitchen chair. He also speaks, inaudibly, with Filippov who has just finished the phone call while being served a couple of small food items. Ignoring the silverware placed next to him Rasputin promptly picks up the food with his fingers and scarfs it down...

The scene then shifts to moments later and Rasputin now reentering the room where his well dressed female admirers anxiously await his presence. In the dimly lighted room filled with cheap furniture and items Rasputin sits at the head of a large table surrounded by women ranging in age from their early-20s to some instances mothers have brought daughters along to greet the Holy Man for the first time...

Rasputin (calling our to one of his female assistants standing nearby): Elena!
Elena: Yes Father Grigory.
Rasputin: Would you please take over for Kilina...and tell her to bring some more tea for my guests.
Elena: Certainly.
Rasputin: Thank you my ladies, so glad you have joined me today. When I dream at night I see only images of Christ and your lovely faces.

The women giggle and blush. The scene shifts to moments later as AKilina is shown refilling the empty tea cups of their guests. Holding out each of their glasses Rasputin then drops sugar cubes into each, blessing them as he does so...

Rasputin: Something as simple as tea and sugar reveals itself as one of God's great gifts. The natural purity of the tea leave and the unblemished white sugar cube. Warm and sweet. Just like God's love for all of us who believe in him.

Moments later Ana Vyrubova, having come straight from Tsarskoe Selo, enters the room with a portfolio of papers. Rasputin stands to greet her and accordingly so too do his female guests...

Rasputin: Ah madame Vyrubova!
Ana Vyrubova (smiling and embracing him): Father Grigory!
Rasputin: Ladies, you all know Madame Vyrubova. Closest friend to the Empress herself and of my great companions.

The women in the room exchange brief greetings with Ana...

Rasputin: Please, won't you sit with us for a while?
Ana Vyrubova: Oh yes, I would be delighted.
Female guest #1: Madame you are carrying paperwork with you. I hope we are not keeping you or Her Majesty from an important appointment with Father Grigory.
Ana Vyrubova: Oh, thank you for your concern. It can surely wait my dear. Just a few items that I must speak with Father Grigory on.
Rasputin: Yes she arrives every week to my home and we discuss matters of concern.
Female guest #2: In Tsarskoe Selo?
Rasputin: Yes, Matushka and Batiushka call on me often and ask for my prayers.
Female guest #3: How are the Tsar and Empress if we may inquirer Madame?
Ana Vyrubova: They are quite well. They'll soon be leaving on their annual journey to the Finnish Fjords. His majesty is always so very busy as you can surely imagine.
Female guest #4: Yes indeed. And the is the boy?
Ana Vyrubova (taking a sip of tea): He is well.
Female guest #4: Wonderful. I am greatly relived to hear that.
Ana Vyrubova: Yes thank God and thank Father Grigory for their blessings, and for Alexei Nikolaevich's continued health.
Rasputin (after a pause): Prayer will come soon enough. Let us all enjoy this fine day! Kilina, is it too early for wine?
Akilina Laprinskaya: If your holiness wishes it, it is never too early.
Rasputin (smiling): Yes! Fetch us some Madeira. Ana and I were about to lead our guests in song!
Ana Vyrubova (giggling): Oh father please. Must we?
Rasputin: We are about to pray. Pray for the good fortune of these lovely women who sit before me! Like sugar is to tea, and wine is to song, so shall song be to prayer! What do you think my ladies?
Female guests (collectively urging Ana on): Oh please do!...Yes, it would be lovely Madame....We hear you have a fine singing voice!
Rasputin: She most certainly does!
Ana Vyrubova: Alright, perhaps a couple of songs my dear ladies.
Rasputin: Yes!
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The scene cuts to the adjacent room and Filippov is speaking to a pair of businessman who have just arrived...

Businessman #1 (pulling out paperwork from his briefcase): Madame Vyrubova has information to be left with you, but here is the government contract and other paperwork we need signed.
Filippov (amused): Contract? Father Grigory has never had to sign for his services to the imperial family before.
Businessman #1: Things are different now.
Filippov: What is different?
Businessman #2: The Tsar himself wants a record of everything. He is being pressured from all sides. The ministers, the Grand Dukes, the Okhrana, you name it.
Filippov: Very well. Leave this here and we'll go over it and have it returned soon enough.
Businessman #1: I'm afraid that will not work. We need to speak with the (catching himself)...with Father Grigory alone.
Businessman #2: Madame Vyrubova will be joining us. There is no reason for concern.
Filipov: As you can see Grigory Efimovich is a busy man. Can this not wait til another day?
Businessman #1: We have our orders. He can finish his singing and prayer session with the women but his later appointments must be delayed or postponed. We ask that you allow us to escort the two of you as our lunch guests.
Filipov (pausing to look across the adjacent room where Rasputin and Ana carry on a Russia folk tune with the women): Yes, very well. Give us one hour.
Businessman #2 (nodding): Thank you.
Filipov: Please make yourselves comfortable in the kitchen. I'll have Kilina serve you some tea.

The scene shifts to an hour or so later. Filipov and Ana are shown being escorted into a motorcar with Rasputin, dressed in a coat and hat. The five are then shown seated at a table inside the private dining room of an exclusive restaurant. We pick up in mid-conversation as Rasputin is shown having nearly finished his portion of a large feast...

Businessman #1: Ever since the rumors of an attack on your life surfaced their Majesties naturally became concerned.
Rasputin (between bites of food and sips of wine): I don't like being followed by strange men.
Businessman #2 (amused): But they're hardly strange men Grigory Efimovich. They are Okhrana agents ordered by the government to protect you.
Rasputin: Ha! Protect me, protect me from who? I am loved. I'm one of the most popular men in St. Petersburg.
Businessman #2: And one of the most reviled.
Rasputin: This nonsense is all because of that devil Iliodor. The Judas who betrayed me! It is he that wants my blood, no one else...God will protect me.
Any Vyrubova: Father Grigory please. There are others who wish to do you harm. Just as Iliodor and Bishop Hermogen did.
Businessman #1: All popular and powerful men have enemies. It comes with the territory. Surely you must be aware of this by now.
Filippov: I cannot ignore my skepticism gentleman. Are these Okhrana agents there to protect or gather information? We have been down this road before. The same government that wanted to banish Grigory Efimovich but a few short years ago is now committed to protecting him?
Rasputin (chuckling with a mouthful): With such friends who needs enemies?
Filipov (amused): Precisely!
Businessman #2: That was years ago. It was Stolypin's plan and it is no longer the policy of this government.
Filippov: Far as you know.
Businessman #1: Lets say for a moment you are right. Lets say the government is as interested in spying on Rasputin as they are protecting him. Your choice then is between a government agency who merely follows and watches your friend...keeping tabulations on his every movement. And one who watches his back...committed to intervening should he find danger, or if it finds him.
Ana Vyrubova (after a pause): Father Grigory, I beg you. You know of the love that I and the imperial family has for you. It is they and only they who matter. They who run the government and direct the Okhrana. We all need you. You represent our Lord here on Earth. Your life is too important to be risked taken away by the cruel act of a madman...The Empress believes in you with her whole heart. The Tsar cares for your dearly. And the children love you like no other.
Rasputin (after a sip of wine and nodding his head): I must not displease Matushka, anger the Tsar, or sadden my dear children...I'll sign your silly papers now, and do what is asked of me by God. He brought you to my home today. It is a sign and a warning.

The barely literate peasant is shown scribbling his name onto a couple pieces of paper handed to him by Ana and Filippov. He then drops the pen, grabs his wine glass and leans back in his chair. The businessmen stand, collect the paperwork and prepare to depart...

Businessman #1: Thank you gentleman. Their Majesties will be most pleased.
Businessman #2: We should take our leave now, there is more work for us to be done...Ana would you like us to escort you back to Tsarskoe?
Ana Vyrubova: Yes, thank you.
Rasputin (calling out and extending his hand): I have a request!
Businessman #1: Yes, what is it?
Rasputin: I'm in the mood to be entertained. There are Tatars and gypsy singers arriving are there not?
Businessman #2 (hesitantly): Yes, I believe so.
Rasputin: Whoever paid for you to bring me here can pay for my friend and I to enjoy ourselves for a while longer.
Ana Vyrubova (as the businessman fumble over their words and Filippov grins widely): Yes, yes Father Grigory we shall see to it...gentleman let us take our leave. Father Grigory and Alexei Frolov can remain here as long as they like.
Rasputin (smiling and rising from his chair to embrace her): Thank you dear child.
Ana Vyrubova: Of course Father, I am at your service...and thank you most of all! Both of you gentleman.
Rasputin: Tell Matushka that I wish to see her again soon. And when I arrive their will be a special gift.
Ana Vyrubova (smiling): I'm certain she'll be delighted.

Vyrubova is shown making her way over to whisper a message to the waiter. She and the businessmen are then shown taking their leave...
Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right...

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The First World War is looming on the horizon.
Cats: You just gotta love them!

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The First World War is looming on the horizon.

Oh yes. But there is still another important scene involving Rasputin and an attempted murder to describe first. I just need some time to write it here!
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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Continued from above...

The scene shifts to several minutes later. Rasputin sits back in a chair sipping on a goblet of Madeira across from his friend Filippov. The camera shifts momentarily to show the waiter speaking with a restaurant manager who heads into a back room of the establishment. Moments later a pair of oriental tatars and female gypsy singers enter into the room...

Rasputin (as their entertainers approach): Relax my good man and lets enjoy ourselves. It is all at the Tsar and Empress's expense.
Filippov (grinning): Yes, yes I think we're about to be entertained.
Gypsy #1: The great Grigory Efimovich I presume?
Oh my dear child, you are magnificent!
Gyspy #2: I hear you are a miracle worker...can you show us?
Rasputin: Oh yes, yes I will. Come and sit near me for a moment.

The first gypsy singer pulls up a chair and the second takes a seat on the Starets' lap...

Rasputin (cuddling up close to his female admirers): What are you names?
Gypsy #1: Ekaterina.
Gyspy #2 (caressing his face and drawing her fingers through his hair): I am Anastasia.
Rasputin (smiling): Well my dear Ekaterina and Anastasia. Would you care to go and sing for me and my friend? You see my friend Alexei is a very lonely man and he needs some good cheer. The kind that two most beautiful gypsy ladies can bring to him.

The women giggle as the tatars stand nearby. The scene shifts to moments later and a room full of several guests. The camera pans around the room in slow motion cutting from one brief clip to the next. Included are images of Rasputin dancing wildly on stage to the humor and delight of those present. Another shows Rasputin seated next to Filippov, both men in the arms of women, while drinking wine and laughing. A third shows Rasputin, back with his pair of Gypsy dancers, kissing and caressing the skin tucked in beneath their undergarments...
The camera returns to real time and focuses in on a clearly intoxicated Father Grigory picking from a plate of Hors d'oeuvres. He has made his way into a private room where the gypsies are sprawled out on a large sofa. The faint sounds of music can be heard seeping in from the other room. Having just finished his eating he stands up from his chair, momentarily admires his half naked female guests, and shouts out...

Rasputin: Let us sin together and be merry! God loves those who sin and repent most of all! The time to repent is later. Now I shall indulge you my dark angles!

At that very moment he takes the now empty plate and to his great amusement slings it across the room and shatters a large shinning mirror. Rasputin then launches himself onto his female admirers as the scene cuts away. Picking up moments later we see a disheveled looking Father Grigory once again eating finger foods. There is a gypsy woman asleep on the sofa behind him and the other dances wildly in the foreground. Suddenly bursting into the room comes Akilina Laprinskaya, escorted in by a drunken Filippov, with a message from Tsarskoe Selo. Without hesitation she approaches Rasputin...

Akilina Laprinskaya: Grigory. Grigory do you hear me?
Rasputin (his eyes closed and singing something nonsensical, but alert): Of course I can hear you!
Akilina Laprinskaya: It is an urgent message from Tsarskeo Selo. Your presence is wanted immediately.
Rasputin (pausing then smiling): Come...sit down with me my dear.
Akilina Laprinskaya: What goes on here? Who are these girls? (motioning towards both the seemingly possessed and dancing gypsy, and the other who lies on the sofa unconscious)
Rasputin: Ah, meet my good new friends, Ekaterina and Anastasia!...Oh I see Ekaterina has had enough of the evening, and lovely Anastasia seems distracted. Ha! This is why I need you my dear Kilina (taking her hand). A true lady. Beautiful, joyous, yet wise!
Akilina Laprinskaya (grinning yet appearing uncomfortable): Father you must go. The Empress has called for you. It seems to be an emergency.
Rasputin: Let her wait! (Anastasia and Filippov overhear and laugh) you can see my dear I have other business to attend to first.
Akillina Laprinskaya (standing up and irritated): I am only your messenger and your devoted servant. I will do as you say. But I believe it to be wise for you to clean up and depart for the palace soon as you are able.

Rasputin smiles and slowly rises from his chair. Taking a few steps he then flings his arm around the gypsy Anastasia, kisses her, and then proceeds to remove a small glass bottle from his pocket. He then dumps out the contents onto the floor, leans over to grab the bottom of Madeira from his table and fills the container with wine, spilling much of it in the process...

Filippov: What is that...some wine for later? Surely you have plenty of Madeira at home my good man!
Rasputin: No no. I will bless this. From this Madeira flows the blood of Christ...(stumbling towards the doorway with the assistance of his gypsy friend). Alexei. Kilina!
Filippov/Akilina (simultaneously): Yes?
Rasputin: Would you rouse the lovely Ekaterina from her sleep. It is time for us to leave.
Akilina: But where are you going?
Rasputin: Home. We all go home now. I will bless Matushka with my presence soon enough. First I must and do God's work (stumbling his way out of the room)...sin and redemption, sin and redemption!
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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The scene shifts and we pick things up several hours later, now back at Rasputin's St. Petersburg apartment. Father Grigory is shown awakening, groggy but alert after minimal sleep, and lying next to his two sleeping beauties on either side of the bed. He smiles and chuckles quietly careful not to wake his guests, then throws on some clothes. The scene shifts quickly to Rasputin entering the back seat of a car and when asked "Tsarskoe Selo?" by the driver he responds, "Yes". The car is shown pulling away from the front of his home in the early morning hours and the scene shifts again to the Starets seated in front of the Empress in her drawing room. A woman offers him tea and a pastry that Father Grigory gladly accepts before she exits the room and then a brief conversation between he and Alexandra begins...

Alexandra: I'm glad you were able to see me Father Grigory.
Rasputin (chewing on food): Yes, matushka, I am sorry to only be seeing you now. I had certain duties to attend to. Many of God's children seek my blessings and were in desperate need of my prayers.
Alexandra (cautious grin): Of course. You are a great servant of God and to the people my dear Grigory Efimovich.
Rasputin: And to you my dear Matushka. To Russia and to all of God's kingdoms of heaven here on earth!
Alexandra (smiling): Yes...I also wish to thank you for consenting to the police protection we have offered you. Ana tells me you had certain reservations.
Rasputin: There are many men who I do not trust. Some of them work for your police. They spy on me and try to trick me.
Alexandra: There will be nothing like that anymore. I will see to it.
Rasputin: Yes, I trust you and the Tsar. That is why I, (putting his plate down on the table next to him) how can I serve you Matushka? Is the little one not well?
Alexandra: No, Alexei fine at the moment. I seek your advice dear Father. The Tsar is having difficulty with the ministers and the Duma. I must help advise him and be more than merely a source of comfort and support.
Rasputin (after a pause and reflecting): Russia is never far from chaos is it not? I see confusion. People forget God and let it into their minds. Fear conquers their soul. So much has changed and they are lost. They put their faith and love into material possessions and let their minds be poisoned by the new machines of man's creation. They must be reminded. Reminded of who they serve. All of them. Ministers and politicians and peasants alike! Only God's love can comfort them. Only he can save them. And only their Holy father Tsar and mother Empress can protect them!
Alexandra: Yes, yes tell me more!
Rasputin (closing his eyes and leaning forward in his chair): I understand their fears. They have been led astray by adventurers and upstarts and evildoers. In the hearts of the good who are holy a simple place exists still. It is like my home, my village in Pokrovskoe. Simple and peaceful. God's glory flows like the waters of the river Neva. His breath blows like the breeze through our sacred trees. His beauty blossoms like the flowers and orchards along the riverside. We can always hear his voice!
Alexandra (enchanted): Yes...I can see it and feel it. It is so wonderful.
Rasputin: It is simple beauty. God is a simple being. He can always be heard by those who listen and all who love him...You and Batiushka. You must make them listen. Quiet and strong your words must be. These men are wise but they have been corrupted. But they are not hopeless. Talk to them softly and through God's voice that is inside you. Show no fear, and they will hear you. They must be made to understand that the word of God and the voice of Tsar & Empress are the same!
Alexandra (leaning back in her chair and in a virtual trance): Yes...yes it shall be so.

Moments later Ana Vyrubova walks into the room breaking the peaceful silence...

Ana: Your majesty. Father Grigory. Please excuse me.
Rasputin (smiling): Hello Ana.
Ana: Hello. Your majesty I've come to summon you.
Alexandra: Summon me?
Ana: Your appointment with the ladies of the court. We must leave now if we are to arrive on time.
Alexandra (a look of dread on her face): Oh dear. Yes I remember. Let me see out our friend and I will be with you shortly.
Ana: Yes my lady. (exiting the room)
Rasputin (smiling): You must go now.
Alexandra (exasperated): These dreadful court appointments. Pointless light conversation with several highborn ladies. None of whom think highly of me or understand anything about the world outside the walls of their homes and the palaces they reside.
Rasputin (standing and moving closer to her): Do not worry my dear Matushka...pray with me now.

The Empress closes her eyes and leans her head in. Standing above her and with eyes closed Rasputin places his hands softly upon her head and begins to mutter a short prayer. Finishing moments later he looks in Alexandra's eyes and they smile at one another. The Empress than stands up preparing herself to walk her friend to the palace entrance before she too must depart...

Rasputin (pulling a small glass container from his pocket): I have a brought a gift to you.
Alexandra (receiving the container): What is it?
Rasputin: It is Madiera.
Alexandra: Wine?
Rasputin: It has been blessed and will bring luck to whomever drinks from it. It is like Holy Water.

Standing in the doorway of her drawing room Alexandra smiles warmly, analyses it for a moment before kissing the bottle of Madeira and then the crucifix that dangles from Rasputin's neck...

Alexandra: Thank you. May God be with you always.
Rasputin (bowing): And with you.
Alexandra (smiling): Goodbye for now dear Father.

Rasputin smiles and nods before turning to head out through the main palace entrance. He walks to his motorcar escort as the Empress can be seen starring at him from out a window while being approached by Ana Vyrubova. As the car pulls away Rasputin gives one last long look to the palace behind him before removing his shoes, stretching out in the back seat and closing his eyes to rest. The scene then fades out and cuts away...
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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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There is a book "Rasputin and the jews' which according to the review on He spoke out often against there persecution and against the Belius case.
Ron Moe in his book discusses two of his friends dmitri rubinstein and Ignaty Manus jewish wheeler-dealers. Rubinstien was Alexandra's banker, fiscal manager of GD Cyril Vlad 12 million ruble estate, helped other grand dukes with their debts and was fiscal advisor to Anna Vyburova.
 I think part of the reason Rasputin was so hated ect is because of friendlyness to jews and his disolute behavior and influence were overblown. See also M Nelpa's book "The murder of Grigory rasputin"

back to the R-J war :
Colonel Akashi is meeting with an subordinate:
Akashi: Did the last arms shipment to the revolutionaries get through alright.
Subordinate: Yes, there were no problems.
Akashi: I have met with a Madame Laurent, she wants to work for us, she told me I was being closly watched by the russians and needed to take care. She also says the russians have broken our code.
Subordinate; This is bad. we need to be carefull.
Akashi: True, I have taken measures and have advised all the men who work for us to do the same.
Subordinate: may I ask how did the meeting go with the georgian revolutionary Dekanoli I introdued to you went? he said he could start a mutiney in the Black Sea fleet.
Akashi: Quite good. I gave him a large sum of money. The Black Sea Fleet has revolutionary cells on most or all of its larger ships. Many of its best officers have been transfer to the other fleets do to the war. The ones that are left are not very good and there are not many of them. So it looks like they stand a good chance of success.

St petersburg 2 russian officers are confering
Officer 1: how goes things?
Officer 2: Not good All of official St petersburg wants peace and our fleet recalled since it has little chance of success but, the Tsar has decided the war will go on and the fleet continue.

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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[quote author=JamesAPrattIII link=topic=17375.msg519622#msg519622 date=1361411647
I think Fredricks was made a Count by Nicholas sometime in 1913. Someone with some knowledge of Finnish nobily needs to research this and find out the exact date and we can write into the script.

Baron Vladimir (Voldemar) Freedericksz was made Count in connection with the festivities for the 300 years Romanov Dynasty on February 21st 1913 (N.S: March 6th 1913)

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Re: New Nicholas & Alexandra Video - Mini Series? Part II
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May, 1913 - Moscow

The next scene takes us inside a Moscow textile factory. Among the heavy machinery throngs of working class men are shown laboring and performing various functions. The camera then focuses in on a conversation taking place inside of an office where four head company managers engage in a heated conversation with three worker representatives. Then men have come once more to plead their case for improved working conditions...

Manager #1: They strike often in St. Petersburg. You'll be wanting to join your comrades there I suppose?
Worker #1: We don't want to strike at all. We want to work. But we want our voices to be heard.
Manager #2 (snickering): Voices to be heard? What do you call this?
Worker #2: These meetings accomplish nothing.
Manager #2: Then why do you insist on having them?
Worker #2: Because nothing changes. We are tired, underpaid, and the conditions are less than satisfactory.
Manager #3: Many good men have passed through this factory. They've gone about their duty and done so without complaint. Why is it now so many workers feel they have the right to challenge their employers?
Worker #3: We want an eight hour work day. We have the right to live. To see our families.
Manager #4: An eight hour work day means I need three men to work a shift in order to keep the machines on for twenty-four hours and production moving.
Manager #1: Yes, we might be able to grant your request for shorter work days, but only if you worked for a lower wages.
Worker #1: No, that is unacceptable.
Manager #2 (smirking): I thought you might say so.
Manager #3: What else do you want?
Worker #2: General improvements in working conditions. This factory is unsanitary. And it is May. Soon the heat will be stifling. Men will pass out from exhaustion...or worse.
Manager #1: Fine. We will discuss it.
Worker #3: We have been told as much before.
Manager #2: Your fifteen minutes is up. I advise the three of you to return to your stations. We will discuss your proposals and speak to you at the end of your shifts this evening.
Manager #4 (as the three men pause to stare): Do we make ourselves clear gentleman?
Worker #1 (sarcastically): Yes quite clear. Come on men, back to work.

The three disgruntled workers leave the room, as they exit their four managers huddle around one another and discuss their next move...

Manager #3 (lighting up a cigarette): Spirited fellows they are.
Manager #2: Oh rubbish. These men are spoiled. They have no concept of a hard day's work.
Manager #1: Yes, their fathers and grandfathers were much better men.
Manager #4: It's generational. They are products of the time. The revolutionary elements in society have whipped otherwise decent hard working fellows into a frenzy.
Manager #2: Rascals!
Manager #3: So what shall be our course of action this time?
Manager #1: I suppose we could try listening to them.
Manager #2: Ha! We'll listen alright. These men are not only unreasonable but they are fools (looking out the office window and down at his workers below). They expect the sort of change that takes place over months and years to happen overnight.
Manager #4: He's right. The worker conditions will improve but they do so over the course of time. We must all have patience.

The scene shifts to the factory floor below. The three worker representatives are shown making their way back to their stations but are stopped by fellow workers en route...

Worker #4: So? How did it go?
Worker #1 (sighing): Not well.
Worker #5: Not well? Again?
Worker #1: That's what I said.
Worker #4: You explained to them our concerns and urged them to take action, yes?
Worker #2: Of course. They barely listened.
Worker #5: Dammit! You should have threatened a strike.
Worker #1: Threats will get nowhere. They said they would discuss and meet with us again at the end of the day.
Worker #4: Oh nonsense. They'll blow you off as they always have. And even if they do meet with you, they won't accept any of our proposals.
Workers #3: I agree. It's damn near hopefully.

Just then two floor supervisors approach...

Supervisor #1: Hey, you there. Back to work!
Worker #2: We just came from a meeting with the managers and are spreading word to our fellow workers.
Supervisor #2: You've been away from your machines long enough.
Worker #5: George and I are on break. We stepped away only a minute ago. Our supervisor told us...
Supervisor #1 (confronting and interrupting): I don't care what he told you. I am telling you to return to your station.
Worker #4: You bastards!
Supervisor #2 (glaring): What did you call us?
Worker #4: You're going to have a revolution on your hands. All of it! Every inch of this factory will be torn down brick by brick!
Supervisors #1: You're a pair of bloody revolutionaries! I'll punish you lazy fools!
Worker #5: Just you try!

The supervisors move in to confront the men as though to forceably remove them. One of the workers throws a punch and grabs the first supervisor around the neck. The other supervisor pushes himself away from the struggle and as his hat falls to the ground he lifts his whistle to the mouth and blows it several times. Moments later he screams and points out, making sure his managers in the office above are aware of the incident that is taking place...

Supervisor #2: Revolutionaries! We have revolutionaries among us!

More workers and supervisors rush over into the commotion and the pushing and shoving increases. One supervisor races up the stairs and back into the managers office to report the news...

Supervisor #3 (out of breath): Sirs...there is a disruption...on the floor.
Manager #1 (alarmed as the others manager rush over to their window to have a look): What is it?
Supervisor #3: A fight has broken out. A few unruly workers refused to go back to their stations and one of them attacked a supervisor.
Manager #2: Those are some of the men we just spoke with.
Manager #4: I'll be damned if I ever listen to their insidious pleas for reform again now!
Manager #3: We must get control of the situation.
Manager #1: We must teach these men a lesson. All of them!
Supervisor #3: Yes sir, what are your orders?
Manager #1 (hesitating momentarily): Shut off the machines.
Manager #2: What? Maxim have you lost your mind?
Manager #3: No, he's right!
Manager #2: They start a fight and we are to give them break from work?
Manager #1: No, we will punish them...(walking over to the supervisor) Bring in the guards and clear the factory floor. I want every last man thrown out onto the street!
Manager #4: You had better know what you are doing Maxim.
Manager #1: Oh I know what I am doing. We will teach these insignificant little fools a lesson in hard work and obedience.
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