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pianist Redento ZARDO
« on: March 04, 2008, 02:10:11 AM »
I'm Federico Piscopo from Crespano del Grappa, Italy. I'm  researching about a famous musician and music composer betwenn end of XIX and begin of XX century. REDENTO ZARDO (Crespano Veneto 1866 - S.Petersburg August 1908) made concerts with piano in Odessa, Varsavia, therefore he emigrated to S.Petersburg (about 1899), where became teacher of piano for the daughters of czar Nicholas II. He played piano for soprano Olimpia Boronat's concert in St.Petersburg (1904) and wrote many romanze during Italian period. He was  buried in St.Petersburh Cemetery (I don't know which). He was also director of orchestra (see SCHMIDL Dictionary). Have you news of his concerts or about the Russian period of this musician? Maybe there are diaries or official documents of Romanov Court for years 1900/1908. Someone could see if he's remembered in books on Romanov family or music at Nicholas II's Court?
Thank you very much for informations