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Prince Andrew of Greece and his family, Part II

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Princess Alice :

Russka Princess:
She look beautifull!!!

she look realy like her Father!

thanks, where did you found this pic ?

Who was closer to Alice.. to her Mother or to her Father ? i think Mother, because louis was often on the sea.. i think all children was more closer to VHM, speccially Dicki! he adored his Mother!  But how was the realtionship between Alice and her Mother ?

did Louis and victoria choosed self the name from alice ? or did queen Victoria ? because i read somewhere the scene in Windsor Castle, where victoria became her labor pains and birth her child, in this time was the name was already finished, they knew it would be a girl.

Russka Princess:
hmm yeah you have right.. they look cold..mabe they has a fight..who knows..But didnt told to her Son Philip that Andrew was love on the first sight?

Alice told her mother how romantic, charming and nice he is, but VHm and Louis thougth they are too young to marry..sadly that their love was not so strong like the marrige from VHM &Louis or Nicky and Alix...very sadly..

Carolath Habsburg:
Sadly, sometimes love doesnt live forever :-( .

So many marriages were ruined during exile (Elisabetta & George II, Alexandra & Peter II...), the strain was extremely hard when a man lost his vocation (Prince Nicholas of Greece was fortunate as he was more of an artist than officer). Others developed into a semi-deteched marriage that could only survive by periods apart (Prince & Princess George of Greece, Grand Duke Alexander and Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia) and some only in name only. Princess Alice in her ways of coping (religion) began to alienate her husband (who for his credit remained a dependable father for his daughters (although distant from his only son)).


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