Author Topic: Researching my Russian ancestors: can a Russian speaker help with emails?  (Read 183377 times)

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Hi everyone. I've been researching the Russian ancestors lately, and I discovered that one was a long-term instructor at a 19th century cadets school. I'd like to find out if there any any paintings of photos of my ancestor, in addition to seeking biographical information about his teaching and military career. I know where to send my inquiry, but my Russian speaking and writing is rudimentary. Can anyone give me a hand with this?

This particular ancestor was just one of many that were connecting to the czarist regime.

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Hi there,
Suggest you contact Barry Lewis. He will assist you for a fee. here is the link to his site and contact details. I have engaged his services over many years and he is very reputable.
Here is the link:

Good Luck! Its a long journey finding your ancestors and information, I wish you well.

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