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Princess Eugenie of Greece

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I am interested in her because of her choise of marriages,Castel Duino and Radziwill families.How did it come to these marriages and how was she treated in the family sinse her mother has been a Bonaparte Princess.Did it have the effect or was her mother treated as real born blue-blooded Princess?Their stand(with her brother Peter) in the family etc

Princess Eugenie with her children.

With her cousin King Georgios II.

Thanks Svetabel,I can always count on you  ::) Still,I would like to know much more about her,her treatmet in the family,her marriages...?Any glittering pictures or portraits of her?

Eugenie was very close to her Greek cousins.  The fact that her mother was a Bonaparte did not affect this relationship in the least.  Honestly speaking, the Bonaparte (Blanc) money helped the family in many times of dire need as Princess Marie was extremely generous to her husband's family whenever there were troubles.

So much was Eugenie held in high regard, that her own daughter Princess Tatiana Radziwill grew up close to Princess Sophie of Greece and today remains one of her best and closest friends, perhaps dare I sayy confidante!  Tatiana radziwil is a constant presence at the Zarzuela Palace.

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