Author Topic: Any painter anywhere in our days with some Russian Emigrant roots?  (Read 4514 times)

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Do you know anyone anywhere who is a painter / sculpture / drawing, but also some descendant of some Emigrants from Russia from the times of the Russian Revolution?

I don't know anyone. There might have been "many" in Paris soon for about a 100 years ago... persons like Marc Chagall who was even a Jew or Tamara Lempicka who traveled to America before the war broke out... The Fabergé family is known and they have even some Huguenot roots...

In case you know someone, please, let me know... and if you have some pictures... can we have some... it would also be nice to have some pictures of old houses, cars etc in the Russian area before the Revolution... they could maybe made to something...

Thanks a lot for your possible answers and greetings, Painter's Gallery,