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Olga's official suitors, marriage prospects, and proposals

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I have heard many rumors regarding a possible match between Olga and Dmitry, yet I'm not sure how true this really is.

If a match was planned for the two, why did nothing come of it? Olga would have been old enough for marriage before WWI.

What were thier feelings for each other? I had read that at point Olga did have a crush on Dmitry, but again I'm not sure how much is fact and how much is fiction.

Does anyone know?

The concept seems to have been more of a "rumor around town" than founded in much reality. At one point Alexandra and Nicholas apparently did think of Dmitri as a possible son-in-law, but as he began to take up with Felix Yussopov and other elements of "fast" society, that concept was abandoned. As for Olga herself, I haven't yet read of anything, aside from items that begin with disclaimers such as "it was said" (my own italics), to indicate Olga had any strong romantic feelings for Dmitri, nor he for her.

Dmitry who?  ??? Was he a Romanov relative or something?

Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich.


--- Quote ---Dmitry who?  ??? Was he a Romanov relative or something?
--- End quote ---

He was her cousin, the son of Nicholas's uncle Pavel. He was the one involved in Rasputin's murder along with Felix Yussupov.


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