Author Topic: Alexandra and Alexei's Hemophilia  (Read 2999 times)

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Alexandra and Alexei's Hemophilia
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:20:34 PM »
Alexei from what I have read was ill quite a bit and pretty bad for periods of times in many cases. Its only natural Alexandra wanted to keep him safe when he was well and nurse him when he was ill. I know a lot of her actions was probably guilt related.

Reading about Alexandra it seems that she herself wasn't that stable either physically or mentally. In Nicholas's correspondence with his mother, Maria Feodorovna is always mentioning how sad it was that Alix was in poor health or how glad she was Alix was getting better. It also seems that many of the daily activities of the girls and Alexei also was in relation to Alexandra's health.

So I was wondering just how much of Alexandra's own issues fell onto Alexei and inadvertently made him worse then he was. I'm not saying she kept him ill but I was thinking maybe her own behavior (many people talk about her hysterics) possibly prolonged his pain and suffering.

Did her own reactions to Alexei's illness make Alexei react worse when she probably should have been a more calming influence? Is it possible if Alexei were perhaps raised by somebody else more stable that he would have been more healthy as a child? Or was his hemophilia just that bad and he would have been the same no matter who was nursing him?