Author Topic: Can anybody tell me about this Order of St. Stanislaus badge for Non-Christians?  (Read 17307 times)

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Upon researching, I believe that it's an Order of St. Stanislaus badge for Non-Christians, however I am not sure of:

the maker?
the class (1st or 2nd)?
how much the missing link & soldered pin & solder joints would affect value?
is it authentic?
what would the fair market value be?

The badge appears to be in very good condition. It has the mark "56" & tests as 14k. I am unable to make out the makers marks on back. Badge measures approximately 2.5" which converts to approximately 63.5mm & weighs 28.9 grams.

This is not my area of expertise & I need to put a value on it for estate purposes, so I truly appreciate any help with this & look forward to hearing peoples insight! There is no provenance or documentation available.

Below is the link to pictures on dropbox. Many thanks!

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Seems to be an authentic St. Stanislaus 2nd class cross for non-Christians. The maker's name is Эдуардъ [Edward], a major St. Petersburg jeweler. It is not exceptionally rare, and I don't believe it would fetch over a few thousand dollars. But I'm not an expert in this field and you'd probably seek a more professional estimate.

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As already stated, you have a 1st class civilian issue cross of the Order of St. Stanislaus issued to a non-Christian by maker EDUARD, in 56 zolotniks (14kt gold) and later converted to a brooch.

It is appears to be authentic, but it is hard to say for sure without personal examination.

As a general rule, to figure out which class it is, I use the following table which I compiled myself from examples seen in museum and private collections and on various auctions:

I class - 55-65 mm ACROSS or so  or so i.e. 5x mm or larger
II class - 45-48 mm or so, i.e. 4x mm
III class - 35-38 mm, i.e. 3x mm

Non-Christian issued Russian awards are quite rare and are in high demand. I recommend to have the back pin professionally removed to return the order to its original state. The loss of a loop is unfortunate, but should not influence the price too much.

As a reference, Dmitry Markov (unrelated to me NYC based auctioneer and dealer of Russian awards) had a complete boxed 1st class set of this order for non-Christians by (a more sought after maker) KIEBEL at his 2012 auction with a $50 000 estimate.

As of the pricing of your item - it is hard to say with any degree of certainty, because of the current state of Russian antique market, but probably $5-7 thousands at full retail would not be a gross exaggeration.

I hope this helps.