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The prophecy about Olga

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In 1896, in the French press, there was a story in which the Prince Charles of Denmark drew the horoscope of Olga . He told  that Olga's health would be critical at the age of 3 , 4 , 6 , 7 and 8 years old . And he wasn't sure she would reach eight years old but he said i" if she does , she will reach twenty ' but "that she will never live to be thirty ".

Do you think that the Imperial family or even Olga knew about this ?

Olga Maria:
Wow that's a very interesting prophecy Anna Livadia, and it's my first time reading about that so I'm glad you've shared it! Thank you soo much! Where have you read that one, by the way?
The last sentence especially is very haunting as we all know that it had come true!!

Thank you  Shandroise !

I have read it on " Four sisters" by Helen Rappaport .

And yeah , that's very haunting ! ):

Olga Maria:
Thanks again for the source! Lol, I have that book and I surely forgot about it or haven't paid attention to that story, yikes me~

I think there was a possibility that they knew it because Nicholas and Alexandra with baby Olga visited Denmark in 1896. However, I also think that could've been a concocted story... but if it had been, how accurate the last sentence had become :' (

You're welcome . That's okay .

Yeah , I thought about the concocted story thing too . I don't know all the ages Olga was sick but if I remember well , she was sick when during the time Maria was born ( June 1899 ) and she was three years old . I don't know for the other ages but if Olga had drunk the same water as Ella , she could have died too on her 8th birthday . That's haunting ! ):


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