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Restoration Pavilion Arsenal.

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Restoration Pavilion Arsenal. Videos in Russian.

Alexandre Mikhaelovitch:
Before the Arsenal pavilion of the Alexander park , there was a roccoco pavilion built by architect Rastrelli for empress Elisabeth 1st : the Monbijou pavilion :

This pavilion is dismantled in 1819 by scotish architect Adam Menelaws who built a new neo-gothic pavilion : Arsenal , completed by architect Konstantin Thon in 1834 :

Interior view with weapons collection of emperor Nicholas 1st :

Before the restoration :

And now during restoration :

Restoration of the Arsenal has been completed and an exhibition related to the history of weapons will open in the autumn of 2016. "In the basement are located: entrance area, cloakroom, technical and office space, a museum hall. On the ground floor - exhibition halls, a grand staircase, a spiral iron staircase in the north tower. As before, the exposition center will be an octagonal room on the second floor - Hall of Knights."


Interior photos:



The spring in front of the Arsenal is the exact spot where Nicholas II sat and stood in the photos in Anna Vyrubova's Yale albums:



Alexandre Mikhaelovitch:
New installation of armours and old arms in Arsenal Pavilion , in co-operation with the Ermitage Museum .
This exhibition will be visible from august 24th .
(photos from Tsarskoie Selo Museum-Preserve Facebook)

A very good friend of mine sent me this information and links - have fun:

"....The pavilion Arsenal in the Alexander park was opened to visitors on August 23!


Photos of the museum in the Arsenal:
http://synoptic-slava.livejournal.com/22965.html  ...."



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