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NEW LETTERS about Wilhelm II and Ella

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Here are some privately held letters - which I have been given permission to share these extracts of here - from Queen Victoria to Vicky (Crown Princess of Prussia/later Empress Frederick). They are kept together as if about the same subject.

September 1878
Willy’s visit has gone well – that subject was not mentioned at all until the last day (day before he left), when he asked to see me privately and confessed everything that happened and seemed overcome and burst into tears. He said he did not know how he would face Alice and Louis at the maneuvers next month. I only bring this up again because I wished you to know how he felt about it all and that he felt what he had done was wrong and that he understood that he himself had quite spoiled his chances (which may – later - have been reconsidered otherwise) since you said he acted so strange and cold and stony about it all to both of you when you attempted to speak to him about it.

December 2 1878
I heard from Princess C of H that all has gone quite well and that E had quite an easy time and feels quite strong. She said everything lasted only about 4 hours and that it is 2. But E has not been told of her poor little sister’s death. I just received poor A’s telegram – distressed that she could not be with E during this time. You will no doubt have heard from them both before you receive this.

Interesting. What did Willy do? Is this about him asking Ella to marry him, or something else? Hope to see more of the letters.

If you read the second letter, it sounds very like other letters Queen Victoria wrote about births - "had a very easy time"... "Only lasted about 4 hours" etc. - but the owner of the letters (who's name I am not allowed to disclose at this time) said this letter was about Ella. When I read it it sounds like it could be - "Princess C of H" would be Ludwig IV's mother - E would be Ella - "Poor A" "distressed that she could not be with E during this time" would be Alice - it is at the end of 1878 when the rest of the family was sick - Ella hadn't been told of May "her little sister"'s death. "it is 2" - Twins??

 :o Could it be that... Wilhelm got Ella pregnant when she was 13?!

 Wow! Anything is possible.  First,can it be proven these letters are really written by Queen Victoria? I do recall that during the time Alice's family was sick, that Ella was sent away as she was the only one who did not catch it. I think Ernst was too but he came down with it an came back home.. Perhaps Ella was already away...even before the sickness..
I think there was more to the Willy/Ella relationship that most authors and royal fans like to believe. They think it was always one sided on Willy's part, but I think that wasn't the case.We only see some letters, and parts of letters. There is so much we do not know about. I am assuming because of Ella being so young they did not allow the marriage,(not just the hemophilia) and just the shock of an out of wedlock pregnancy and having to hide it. This could be part  of all the mixed feelings about Willy from his family.
If she did give birth, what happened to the baby (babies)? Did they die, were they taken away and adopted out?  Sad as Ella never did (as far as we know) have any more children.
I am one of the  very few sympathetic to Willy throughout his life,(don't agree with everything but much of the negativity  is overblown)  Most of the letters we see   are edited,many are missing, and one does now know every detail behind opinions and feelings.There is always more to the story and we were not there.
What I am getting at, is this (if it really even happened) could be  one of the reasons behind all the negativity towards Williy from Ella herself, sister Alix and many in the family.Perhaps this is when Willy proposed to her and was rejected. He seemed to have never forgotten his first love, and if a pregnancy happened  it could have been one of the many things that led to how his personality was , having to deal with it and hide it and try to forget.
They were just human beings. Wasn't a good thing to happen, if it did of course.
If it is true, it sure was hidden very well all these years, or just not paid attention to .
This is all very interesting to ponder.

An interesting idea, but it seems rather unlikely that Wilhelm could have had the opportunity to get Ella pregnant when he was 19 and she 13. It seems rather more likely that he blurted out a marriage proposal which was not well received.

The language of the second letter is, however interesting, though Ella saying 'it is 2', doesn't really sound like reporting the birth of twins, as Queen Victoria would presumably have known definitely whether it was '2' or not. Could it have been something rather more mundane like removal of wisdom teeth (first example that came into my head)?



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