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Thurn und Taxis mystery...
« on: May 22, 2017, 05:09:43 AM »
i was going to put this in the Thurn und Taxis thread, but was advised to start a new topic. 
so i am.

my question is this:  does anyone know what happened to Heinrich von Fels? 

he was the son (born in 1867) of prince Paul von Thurn und Taxis (supposed former lover of Ludwig II, who later gave him the title "von Fels" after Paul had been disowned by his family) and the actress, Elise Kreuzer.  Paul's family had forced him to marry her morganatically in 1868, after which, they disowned him, stripped him of all titles & cast him out -- they did, however, give him a yearly allowance.   in any case, Paul contracted tuberculosis and traveled, with his wife & 12 year old son, to Cannes for his health.  his wife ran off with a man she met at their hotel, leaving behind her sick husband & their son, Heinrich von Fels.    Paul died very soon after her departure.   

i haven't been able to find out anything about what happened to poor Heinrich after his father died.   

he, apparently, was not retrieved by his mother, as i can find no mention of him in anything regarding his mother Elise after her departure from Cannes.   

i figured i'd ask here, and see if anyone has any idea what happened to the poor kid who, abandoned by his mother, was left to watch his father die.   the TuT family don't seem to have taken him in.  i believe his mother's family were all dead already (i could be mistaken about this, however).   

anyway --
thanks for any info.
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