Author Topic: Residences of some Grand Dukes in St.Petersburg  (Read 52369 times)

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Re: Residences of some Grand Dukes in St.Petersburg
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2015, 08:55:44 AM »
:)Greetings, everyone.

 It is difficult to believe that all three Michailovichis - Nicolas, Georgii and Sergei shared the same palace on the Palace Embankment (Novo-Michailovskii Palace). Yes, it is huge - but - three adult men with their own little  GD courts, staff members, employees, etc., plus one of them is married with kids the while two others are eligible bachelors with their own well-developed lifestiles, habits, hobbies - all three of them in one house?
  I remember that years ago, while studying in St.Petersburg i happened to read an article in one of the Russian (Soviet then) historical periodicals -  cannot recall the periodical's name - about the February Revolution 1917 (The Fall of The Russian Monarchy). Particurlarly the artcle was concerned about the details of GD Michael Alexandrovich abdication. Having nothing to do with the architecture of Romanovs' residences as such, the authors of the article, however, tried to present a reader with a short "tour" along the Millionnaia Street (where in one of the upper class apartment buildings, at Prince Putijatin's apartment, the historical meeting between GD Michael and members of the Duma took place - tragically resulting in GD's abdication). To cut the story short - the apartment building was located somewhere between the Winter Palace and Novo-Michailovskii Palace. For whatever reason, a number of other buildings along the Millionnaija were mentioned by the author(s), with short descriptions. The building right across the Novo-Michailovskii Palace - through Millionnaja- was named as the Zapasnoi (Reserve) Novo-Michailovskii Palace. Unfortunately i do not remember the street address. The Novo-Michailovskii Palace proper is located between the Palace Embankment and the Millionnaia and the so-called Reserve Novo-Michailovskii Palace - right across the Millionnaja, being located between the Millionaja and the Moika Embankment.
I went there to see the "reserve" NM palace. It does not look like a palace - more like an apartment building - four- or five-storey high. But the exterior decor (Neo-Rococo) - is strikingly similar to the NM Palace across the street. It looks as if it was designed bu the same architect or, at least, the "reserve" one was modelled on the main palace.
 Could it be that this "Reserve" NM Palace (if the authors of the article made no mistake) was a residence of one or two other Michailovichis, while the main NM Palace remained a residence of GD Nicolas Michailovich???
 ( i believe it was him who inherited the Palace after his father GD Michail Nicolajevich).


Had to believe, but true.  The Mikhailovichis were the junior most branch, and the brothers lived in suites according to their precedence.

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Re: Residences of some Grand Dukes in St.Petersburg
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Quai de la Cour

= Дворцовая набережная, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, for those wanting to locate it on maps.
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Re: Residences of some Grand Dukes in St.Petersburg
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Plans of the Baron von Derviz Mansion in Saint Petersburg where Empress Alexandra’s Fabergé objects were held in the 1902 Exhibition