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Re: Grand Duchess and other possible suitors - what if..
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I just managed to dig up my copy of Christopher Warwick's Ella: Princess, Saint & Martyr, which I thought I may have accidentally misplaced somewhere, but fortunately have not. I just wanted to include the excerpts from Ella's letters to Nicholas of Greece, in case anyone would be interested.  :)

Nicky dear, Poor Cordelia is very sad without her Papa* & longs to be at Ilinskoye & begin the happy time over again, especially saying goodbye was a nasty moment & she was so stiff & calm to keep back her tears - really I miss you awfully each step on the staircase makes me think that after all you are not gone but will come up and have some nice drawing together... You wont forget your photos, do send me two as one I shall cut & put into your sweet little frame it is on my table also the blue mushroom, little birdie & lovely picture of Christ - I shall have it framed & take it always with me & hang or stand it near my bed. It was a nice time wasn't it, & you wont quite forget your old friend... I drunk off a glass of champagne to your health ... only Cordelia thought of you.

*By saying 'Cordelia', Ella is referring to herself and Nicholas of Greece as her 'Papa' - Nicholas portrayed King Lear and Ella his daughter Cordelia as part of a Shakespearian tableau vivant.

...I was longing for a few lines... Petasha* brought your letter... She is my little postman & the servants enjoy sending her to me with the letters... I don't think there will be charades, without you more than half of the fun is gone... It was too amusing then & never will get as good. My letter is getting too long. I will bore you like when driving you - you remember, was I naughty to teaze you, of course it was selfish of me...

*Petasha was Ella's fox terrier.

...Call me an ungrateful beast - but don't forget that Cordelia seemed cold & unloving & yet she adored her father Lear - see how Shakespearian I am how well I know to turn my phrases & make laziness seem poetical & pardonable... Thanks darling for your kind loving wishes. God bless you dear boy saying such affectionate things to your new friend but old cousin. You will give me news from time to time wont you and not forget me.