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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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      Fedor Antonov Korshynov, the yard keeper for 64 Gorohovaya Street, Rasputin’s address does not describe Rasputin as being either of the two men who turned up to collect Rasputin.

      Lazykov tells Colonel Popel of the Detached Gendarme Corps that there was no car in the yard at the time he heard shots.

      Yusupov and Purishkevich disagree in the positioning of the crucifix in the basement dining room

      Purishkevich describes Yusupov handing Lazovert potassium cyanide crystals, which Lazovert grated with a knife.  They then went up to the drawing room where Yusupov handed Purishkevich and Dimitry a phial of potassium cyanide solution.

       Yusupov says that the potassium cyanide crystals were in a box that he took from the ebony cabinet in the dining room.  Lazovert took the crystals out and crushed them.

      Yusupov in his initial memoirs says the cyanide was grated into the chocolate petit fours; Purishkevich says the pink petit fours.

      Yusupov in his original memoirs talks about cyanide being grated into the wine glasses he later refers to phials.

      The number of glasses in which cyanide was placed – Purishkevich says 2, Yusupov says 3.  

      We are told there were 4 glasses in the room Yusupov uses 5.  The first a non poisoned glass he gives to Rasputin; realising his error he contrives to drop it.  He then gives Rasputin three glasses of wine each in a poisoned glass and has a glass of wine himself.

      Professor Kossorotov, the pathologist, says there is no evidence of poisoning.  The characteristic smell of almonds associated with potassium cyanide poisoning was not observed.

      The number of times Yusupov went up from the basement room to his study – Purishkevich describes in detail three occasions, Yusupov says once.


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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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      Yusupov’s claims that he sang and played his guitar for Rasputin was unheard by his attentive fellow conspirators assembled at the top of the stairs.

      In Purishkevich’s account (Yusupov’s final visit to the study), in Yusupov’s account, his only visit to the study, joint action by the conspirators against Rasputin is proposed.  Purishkevich suggests that Dimitry pulled the conspirators back from this course of action when they had gone five steps down the staircase.  Yusupov says he convinced his friends with great difficulty that he should carry out the murder alone.

      Whose gun?  Yusupov says Dimitry handed him his (Dimitry’s) Browning; Purishkevich says Yusupov took his own ‘pocket’ Browning from his desk drawer.

      The gun behind the back (discussed previously) – the practicalities of walking backwards and concealing the weapon behind his back – how did he pour the wine?

      If as Yusupov asserts the first shot was to Rasputin’s left side, Yusupov must have been standing to Rasputin’s left.  If the room was laid out as per the current exhibit in the Yusupov Palace then Yusupov Rasputin would have needed to fall to the left, towards Yusupov and passed him to land on the ‘white bearskin rug’ on which both Yusupov and Purishkevich say the body landed.  This does not fit with Yusupov’s assertion that Rasputin gave a cry and ‘crumbled’ up on the bearskin.

      Lazovert appears to indicate that all the conspirators were in the room when the shot was fired.

      The resurrection – after Rasputin allegedly recovered from his first gun shot wound – Purishkevich describes a hysterical Yusupov running up from the basement dining room and through to his parents’ apartments in the Palace.  Yusupov says he went up to the study, picked up his cosh and led Purishkevich, who was armed with his ‘Sauvage’ pistol downstairs.

      Yusupov who must have forced his way passed the following Purishkevich on the basement stairs then rushes through the main entrance of the Palace and runs along the Moika side of the yard fence to head off Rasputin.  Purishkevich makes no mention of this activity on the stairs, in his version Yusupov is not there.

      Purishkevich pursues Rasputin into the yard, fires two shots, misses, bites his hand to make himself concentrate and then fires twice again, twenty paces distant from the fleeing Rasputin, hitting him firstly in the back and then in the head.  Lazovert has Rasputin crawling and incidentally so does Paleologue.  The forensic evidence establishes this as a lie.

      The considered opinion of Kossorotov does not coincide with Yusupov’s and Purishkevich’s accounts.  He says the shot to Rasputin’s side was fired from a range of no more than 20 centimetres (8 inches).  The wound to the right side of the back he says was fired shortly afterwards, the forensic evidence establishes that this bullet was fired from an equally close range.  The shot to the head was fired from almost ‘contact’ range or if not extremely close range and bears evidence of the characteristic ‘Standsmark’.

      The forensic evidence is that the wounds were caused by three weapons of different calibres – not as suggested by Yusupov and Purishkevich two – a Browning and a Sauvage.

      Purishkevich says he stayed by the body for some minutes and kicked the prostrate Rasputin in the temple.  He did not see Yusupov!  Yusupov says he saw Purishkevich and shouted to him, Purishkevich did not respond.  Given the relatively small size of the yard of 92 Moika it is highly unlikely that Purishkevich would not have heard or seen Yusupov.


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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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      Had Yusupov’s account of running alongside the yard he would have been close to Purishkevich when he allegedly fired the two shots knocking Rasputin to the floor.

      Yusupov tells us that he ran alongside the fence of 92 Moika towards the middle gates of the yard ‘because only the middle gates were unlocked’.  How does this relate with Purishkevich’s statement about using the side gates?  If Lazovert drove Yusupov and Rasputin through the side gate then who locked it afterwards?  From which gate did the other conspirators leave on their way to Purishkevich’s train at the Warsaw Railway Station and to collect Dimitry’s car?  Who locked the side gates after they left?

      However Yusupov was in the yard when policeman Vlasuk arrives, the body is allegedly still in the yard and shielded from Vlasuk by Yusupov and his major domo.  This is a phenomenal turn of speed by Vlasuk, given that Purishkevich says that after standing by the body for a few minutes he went inside and sent Ivan and Buzhinsky out to drag the body indoors.  Vlasuk, according to his statement was at his post at the junction of Prachechny Lane and Maksimilianovsky Lane, when he heard the ‘shots’, he then makes his way via Prachechny Lane, across the Pochtamtsky (Post Office) Bridge and spoke to Efimov at his post near 61 Bolshaya Morskaya Street.  Vlasuk had covered some considerable distance and yet according to Yusupov the body was still in the yard.  You will recall he suggests that as Vlasuk approached, that he was standing in front of the body and the two servants were running out into the yard.

      Vlasuk tells a different story, he says that Yusupov and Buzhinsky were walking across the yard towards him together.  He would have been in an ideal position to see the body if it was there.

      Vlasuk says that after the conversation in the yard Yusupov and Buzhinsky left whilst he remained and looked around the yard, he did not see the corpse.  Yusupov tells a different story.

      Vlasuk’s reappearance:  Purishkevich states that this was after Yusupov physically assaulted Rasputin’s corpse; Yusupov suggests it was before.

      Purishkevich recalls Yusupov being dragged off the body by the two servants; Yusupov states that he fell asleep by the body and was taken to bed by Purishkevich and Ivan.

      Purishkevich mentions how Yusupov was blood stained from the assault and seated in the study on a sofa.  He was still in this position when Vlasuk returned.

      Vlasuk states that as he entered Yusupov’s study Purishkevich and Yusupov walked towards him.  He does not mention Yusupov’s clothes being blood stained.

      Purishkevich says that he asked Buzhinsky to recall Vlasuk.  Vlasuk says that Buzhinsky told him that it was Yusupov who asked him to return.  Yusupov says that Buzhinsky told him that Vlasuk had been told to return because his initially report was considered insufficient.  There could be correlation with Paleologue’s comments about a member of the Okhrana being present.

      The scene of crime photograph clearly shows a line of blood spots in the snow.  What it also shows is snow piled up against the side gate, which was allegedly open on the night.  A telegram to the Supreme Commander in Chief Headquarters states ‘Traces of blood had been found on the snow in the small garden in the course of close examination’ Source GARF Rasputin File.  There is clearly a covering of snow on the yard, Purishkevich refers to this.  Had the gate been open and the snow not piled up against it on the night of the murder the blood would have been swept up to a greater degree with the snow.  I believe this shows conclusively the side gates were never opened on the night of the murder.

      Weights and chains – in his diary entry (if it was a diary) for 29 November, Purishkevich states that he and his wife purchased the two pood weights (a pood is an ancient Russian measure of weight and is equivalent to 16.4 kilograms or 43.9 pounds) and chains to send Rasputin’s body to the bottom of the river.  As an aside the thought of Mr and Mrs Purishkevich carrying these heavy weights through the streets of St. Petersburg is almost farcical.  We hear no more of these weights and chains until he tells us that Rasputin’s body was dragged into Dimitry’s car on the night of the murder.  He suggests that he brought them to the Yusupov Palace that night – but he makes no mention about this as he describes his and Lazovert’s arrival at the Palace.

      The farce of the cars – Purishkevich tells us that Dimitry, Sukhotin and Lazovert, with Lazovert dressed as the chauffer and Sukhotin dressed in Rasputin’s outer clothes to fool and police spies, drive to Purishkevich’s train.  Here we are told Mrs Purishkevich and Mrs Lazovert were to burn the clothing.  Because it is difficult Mrs Purishkevich declines.  The three load Purishkevich’s car onto a railway car and then either take a cab or walk to Sergei Alexandrovich’s Palace on the Nevsky Prospect to collect Dimitry’s car.  Carrying all Rasputin’s clothes with them.  Lazovert does not mention this cross St. Petersburg trip.

      The application of real timings to the alleged sequence of events and journeys undertaken expose this part of Purishkevich’s and Yusupov’s stories to be a total fabrication.  Even being generous with the timings the earliest Purishkevich and Lazovert could have final returned to the Warsaw Station was 0700 hrs and not sometime after 0500 hrs as Purishkevich suggests.

      The mummified body of Rasputin is dragged into the back of Dimitry’s car.  The Grand Duke drove, Sukhotin sat next to him.  Purishkevich sat on the left in the back, with Lazovert on the right.  The body is on the floor with Ivan sitting on top of it.  Rather cramped?  It was even more cramped than this, there were the two pood weights to be accommodated, plus Purishkevich suddenly realises all Rasputin’s over clothes and shoes – a vast automobile.

      The body would have bled profusely there is only one line of blood in the yard.  According to Purishkevich Rasputin ran across the yard whilst bleeding, he was shot twice and collapsed in the snow.  He was then dragged back to the basement across the yard.  He was then dragged out to the car.  There are not irregular patters of blood dripping that would have been associated with such movements of the body.  Rasputin was moved once, from the basement to the car.

      The car must have been so big that they forgot to attach the two pood weights and the chains.  They also forgot, the fur coat, two over boots and one shoe.  One of the over shoes they wouldn’t discover until their return to Dimitry’s residence.

      Purishkevich says that after the body was thrown into the river, they realised they hadn’t thrown the fur coat in, so they weighted it with the chains and through it in after the body.  This could not have been right as the fur coat was wrapped around the body when it was recovered.

      Rasputin was dead for sometime before he entered the water.  He did not attempt to release his bonds.

      The idea that dawn was approaching, it was not.

Hope this keps you busy till I come back from holiday



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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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Top of page 4 should say didn't identify yusupov as either of the men who picked up rasputin




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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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Dear Richard,

I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking your time to post all of this wonderful detailed information!  It is so helpful!

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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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Thank you Richard_Cullen, what a list! This really has increased my doubts about their stories, and to think their stories were supposed to have been matching, but all those details are wrong! It could be one or both of them remembered certain things wrong, or it could be one or both of them are lying, at least at some point. When there is this much conflicting evidence there is much reason to doubt them both. I do not believe it happened just as either of them said.


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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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There was another show on the history channel tonight, it had various points of view and featured Greg King, Robert Massie, Eduard Radzinsky and DeJong. Did anyone else see this?
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Re: Rasputin show tonight
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I just saw the History's Mysteries show on Rasputin today on the History Channel.

It had Greg King, Edvard Radzinsky, Alex DeJonge, Robert Massie and Dr. Joseph Fuhrmann, whose work I am not familiar with.

There were a lot of inacuracies. like showing a picture of Livadia before saying that Alexi was hurt at Spala.

Russian name pronunciations were terrible, even Greg King's.  And they said that Purishkevich was a "dandy".

They showed the costume picture from 1903 as they said that N&A met Rasputin in 1905.  Things like that.

Just bad match ups of pictures and events they were supposed to represent.

The story itself was directly quoted from the books written by the authors listed above, mostly Greg and Fuhrmann.

There wasn't any really new information, but as History's Mysteries goes, it was OK.

I would buy the dvd for the historic footage and the slide shows, because I am familiar enough with the events to separate the truth from the "production features" and it would be great to own some of the very fine old movie footage.


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Re: Rasputin show tonight
« Reply #83 on: February 02, 2006, 10:13:02 PM »
I just found a Rasputin show on the History Channel right now, I'm not sure yet if it's the same one mentioned in this thread, but it looks good.


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Re: Rasputin show tonight
« Reply #84 on: February 03, 2006, 07:42:33 AM »
This one wasn't the same one. It wasn't about the murder, but his whole life. It was called "The True Story of Rasputin."

As if we will ever really know that ;)

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Re: Richard Cullen's Documentary on Rasputin as Shown on Discovery Channel
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Found this link to the documentary online