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Some car by the mark DUX?


Does anyone know what kind of a car was something by the mark DUX that existed at least in the time of the Russian Revolution?

I have not found anything in West except probably some bus by the mark DUX.

Nowadays there are at least here madrases for beds by the mark DUX - are seats the only thing left of Dux?

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DUX was a German automobile manufacture that had a factory in Moscow until 1915, it was later taken over by the Soviets. They made mostly bicycles and aircraft parts but did also make automobiles in Russia, as well as Germany. It continued into the early 1920s in Germany.

Thanks a lot for your kind answer. This car by the mark DUX interests me very much as I have been told my grandfather had a car by that mark.

When the Bolsheviks came he digged a hollow outside their villa in Terijoki and put the tires of his car into the hollow. Probably he thought this was the way the Bolsheviks could not just come and take his car and start to drive and use it.   

This coincidence of mark DUX and airplane industry is very strange. It is so strange I wonder if it is really some coincidence or something else... The connection is this sail-airplane called Grunau Baby (see Wikipedia) and the two places in Lower-Schlesien now in Poland: Jezow Sudecki (Grunau in German) and Gross-Glogau(w). So I wonder now to what airplane did DUX make parts? However, this Grunau Baby sailplane was introduced as late as in 1931 and you tell DUX continued with their industry in Germany only until early 1920s.

There are people who lived in St.Petersburg who had a part of their family history in Gross-Glogau and they might be relatives of those Grunau-people in Jezow Sudecki, both 'villages' in Lower-Schlesien - now the same voivodeship in Poland. This is the family that owned the DUX car in St. Petersburg and the family father was educated in the Technical Highschool of his time in St. Petersburg and wrote later books about all kind of motors when living in the West.

This family also had a young wife who, however, died in Vyborg 28.5.1928 because of an 'accident' that seems very strange for us people of today. Some air-plane poured all its fuel on her and she ended in hospital and died some days later. She was a daughter of a Scottish shipbuilding engineer by the name Stevens and I suppose they were British citizens. Also today some 'Stevens' has something to do with boats or yachts as has even some 'Grunau or Gruno', the same family-name in some different forms. 

Sometimes it has hit me if this kind of a strange accident caused by some airplane didn't have anything to do with insurances... and how such a case might have ended... So insurances in times of about a 100 year ago might also be some kind of an issue.

The book "Russian Motor vehicles: The Czarist Period 1784-1917 has Dux making  200 cars from 1904-06. google search Dux factory for more info on their production of bicycles,motorcycles, snow cars and railroad cars. In 1910 the factory went into aircraft production. also look up Russo-balt on google for another auto and airplane maker.


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