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Does anyone know about any upcoming Russian exhibitions to be held in the US?

I've been asked to participate in "Romanov Summer" through the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts. We'll be uncrating Romanov artifacts in May for exhibition in June or July through September.

Chris Snyder:
Can you tell us what kind of "Romaov artifacts" you might have for the exhibition?

I wish I knew what kind of artifacts. All I know is that the exhibition is being uncrated in Santa Fe (from Tsarskoe Selo)in May - I have been invited to be there. I am told there are many pessessions that belonged to the last Imperial Family.

As part of a masterplan, a dependance of the Hermitage will be openend in Amsterdam on feb. 24th by his R.H. the Crownprince of Orange. (For public on feb. 28th).
It's the second dependance after London.

The first six exhibitions will be seated at "the Neerlandia
Building" and each one shall last for 5 months. Later this year there will be one about Nicholas and Alexandra. I'm thrilled, can't wait to see it!

As to be expected the whole Amsterdam Hermitage will be ready in 2007.  

So, if anyone of you is in the neighbourhood, come and
visit Amsterdam! Your welcome!  :D


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