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Nicholas II was Unprepared to Rule. Why?

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Please someone help me with this. :)
I never cant seem to remember which Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses liked Nicholas as emperor, and  head of the family, so im hoping you can tell me on this thread. ;D
Its a shame that Nicky, as head of the family couldnt unite such as his father, Alexander III.

Since Nicholas, right after his father's death, sort of acknowledged the fact that he had not been properly prepared for his new job, and while he may have understood about himself that he was not ' tsar material', why did he not abdicate in favour of somebody else?
Or was tradition too strong for him to decline the honour? It had been done before...


Hello Erichek  :)
I think this is discussed quite a lot in the Negative Attributes of Nicholas as Tsar, but I would think it was because he saw it as his duty; it was all he had been brought to believe  :-/ And to whom could he have handed over that role?

Maybe it was to much to ask of, :) but maybe you can tell me this. Am i correct in assuming that all the branches in generel didnt like him, exept the Konstantinovich branch?

It seems that it wasn't so much that they didn't LIKE him, as didn't RESPECT him as a Tsar. He wasn't able to inspire the same respect as his father had done. Perhaps this was because his was a gentler & more diffident nature. Sandro Mikhailovich was one of his closest friends, wasn't he? And even after Khodinka, it wasn't Nicholas that he & his brothers blamed, but Serge??
Perhaps by the time of the revolution, the entire family was despairing of him. (But again, I think it is necessary to separate the man from his role as Tsar, because as a man it seems they all liked him.)


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