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Re: Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn, Estonia
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Unfortunately I have not been to Palmse. I was able to tour the ruins of the Order of the Brethern of the Sword Castle in Rakvere, the Danish Castle in Narva, the Russian Fortress in Ivangorod, the ruins of the ancient Convent at Pirita, a tower in Pärnu as well as one in the Tallinn city wall.  My favourite tour was of the Estonian Open Air Museum outside of Tallinn near Rocca al mare. I had a three hour tour with the Curator and a friend of mine with USAID. It is a wonderful historic park of the first class, believe me, I was once a curator at an open air museum and I know a good one when I see one: . Of course in the normal course of life, I visited many 200, 300, 400 and 500 year old buildings in Tartu and Tallinn, in fact a friend of mine managed shop in Vanalinna that was built a few years before Columbus left on his first voyage of discovery.

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Re: Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn, Estonia
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this is the entrance to cadriog museum with the portit of alexndra nikolaevna(adini),nikolay I`s daughter,pematurely deceased

the hall,in fact a passage

the housevof peter 1

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Re: Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn, Estonia
« Reply #17 on: December 21, 2010, 02:26:05 PM »
Would Kadriorg (Katharinenthal, Yekaterinenthal) Castle be the site Nicholas II celebrated with the 19th Dvinsk Regiment (stationed in Reval--now Tallinn, Estonia) during the regiment's Centennial celebration in 1905?  Once I finally work out how to post pictures (evincing my age, here) I'll post pictures of the ceremonial silver items.  Elsewhere on this site, someone has been kind enough to post a picture of the ceremony in Reval.