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Princess Irene of Greece (1904-1974)

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Any good picture of his wife Irene?


Who is this King of Croatia?


--- Quote ---Who is this King of Croatia?
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King Tomislav II was the name taken by the 4th Duke of Aosta (of the junior line of the Italian royal house of Savoy).  Prince Aimone was married to Princess Irene of Greece in 1939.  

In 1941, as Tomislav II, he was proclaimed King of the independent state of Croatia, a Germanand Italian puppet state covering most of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He never had any power or even set foot on the territory of the state, and subsequently abandoned the crown in 1943, after the Italian withdrawal from the war.

He died in 1948.

Thank you Jane, for that information.

The Croats have hardly anything to be proud of, regarding this so-called King of Croatia. The so-called state of Croatia was a Nazi puppet state and resulted in genocide of the Serbs, Jews, Roma, etc.

Neither this "King" who was a fascist and who never set soil to Croatia, nor that "Independent state of Croatia" should be even mentioned on Royalty forums.

Croatia had its Kings in the Middle Ages and that's it.

The only true Royals from what used to be Yugoslavia are the Karadjordjevic dynasty of Serbia and the Petrovic-Njegos of Montenegro.


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