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Are there any photos of Sandro and Xenia's palace in the Crimea? What happened to it after the Revolution?

I have another picture of "Ay-Todor" from Alexander's "Once a Grand Duke".  Bob A. says he has permission to post the text, but I'm not sure about the pictures.  Bob, may I post the picture.

I read the Germans burned it during the Secon World War.

brnbg aka: liljones1968:

--- Quote ---I think the only pictures of Ai Todor anyone here has been able to post can be found on this thread (second page):http://hydrogen.pallasweb.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=crimea;action=display;num=1102971706;start=25.  The photos show Sandro/Xenia with various and assorted children.  Nothing really to help clarify what Ai Todor looked like--and of course, the building is gone forever now.  I'm sure somewhere out there photos exist.
--- End quote ---

do these help?

the entrance court

a corner of Ksenia Aleksandrovna's bedroom

another corner (her jewel cabinet is on the left)

one of the salons

"Sandro"'s bathroom

Those photos help me, thanks. Where on earth did you manage to find them? ??? I've searched all over for more photographs, and haven't really found anything.


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