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Looking for help with Picture(s) and/or Captions

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I think this a pic of Nicholas & Ella.
There is a caption at the bottom, but it's in Russian!
Can someone translate it?

Yep it said thats Nicolas and Ella Feodorovna!

But what are they doing exactly?

It translates to "Tsesarevich Nikolai Aleksandrovich and Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna 1886"

Probably taken at a staged production put on by the IF for their own enjoyment.  

It looks like one of the  pictures when they were in a play. I have seen  other pictures with them in that dress. Was it a Eugene Onegin  Play(think I spelled his name wrong,but you get who I'am talking about).

I have seen pictures of Nicholas and Ella as Onegin and Tatiana from Eugene Onegin, as well, but their costumes were different than those in the posted photo.

I'm not sure which play, assuming that we are correct in our guess, this photo would be from.  The costumes look a little odd to me, only because Nicholas' appears to be evocative of the mid-1600s, while Ella's seems to represent an era of at least 50 years later (if not more).  


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