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Disciplining the children

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...Now, I do agree that they may have been given a little swat here and there, but they would never have actually hit or beaten their children. That's so ghastly to even think of such a thing. They scolded and punished with love, not with fury. And the children were hardly afraid of their parents--on the contrary, they trusted in them completely and never blinked an eye.

Nicholas' sister Ksenia hardly disciplined her children either, though she didn't let them get away with everything bad. Her boys in particular were always described as being 'wild' as if they didn't have a clue what it meant to be punished. Once when her children were doing somersaults down a hill and the nanny was looking on with disapproval, Ksenia joined in with the children and did a somersault or two--which the nanny really disapproved of. But that is the nature of Nicky and Alix, too (though Alix would never have done a somersault down a hill). Very little discipline but just enough loving punishment to keep them good and manageable. ;)


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