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Disciplining the children

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I confess that I find it hard to imagine Nicholas whipping his daughters hard until they were screaming, it sounds so unlike him. I don't think the children were necessarily very afraid of their father, as all of them (except Tatiana) were closer to him than to their mother and considered him a friend as well as a father. However, they did respect him very much, and it is said that he was the only one that Anastasia and Alexei, at least, obeyed. I guess that sometimes "respect" for a parent does contain a little bit of fear (fear of punishments) for children, so in that sense they may have feared him when they were little.

Of course we have to remember that corporal punishment of children was a commonly accepted custom one hundred ago! And later, too... Can't imagine loving parents like Nicholas and Alexandra to abuse their children though - if they were naughty, slapping them maybe, or pulling from hair. What I've read they usually talked to them seriously, if they did or said something wrong. I can imagine that Nicholas playfully whipped her daughters' legs, and they screamed half seriously, partly delighted "like pigs"!  ;)

When Alexei put the strawberry in the lady-in-waiting's shoe, I think Nicholas scolded him for it and he wasn't allowed to attend any more state dinners for a long time, although I'm not sure you could call that a punishment.  ::)

Haha, i never heard that one either!
Where do you guys find out about this stuff?

From what I have read it always sounded like Olga got the most of it from her mother. Like the lunch with Grand Duchess Elizabeth M. When N&A expected her to control Alexis,while they were sitting there.


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