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Kings of Majorca
« on: August 06, 2005, 06:29:31 PM »
Here is a history question maybe someone can help me with:  King James II of Majorca  married Princess Constance of Aragon.

When did Majorca start to be a kingdom, and when did it cease being so?  Who were its kings?
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Re: Kings of Majorca
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The Kingdom o Majorca was created by James I, the Conqueror, King of Aragon. After his oldest son's death, James wrote his will (1262) creating the kingdom of Majorca for his son James. When James died in 1276, the Crown of Aragon passed to his son Peter the Great, and the Crown of Majorca passed to James. The King of Majorca was forced to pay hommage to the King of Aragon.

The Kingdom was formed by the Balear Islands (Majorca, Menorca, Eivissa, Formentera; the Rousillon, the isle of Sardinia and Montpellier, Carlades and Omelades (in France). The Kings of Majorca were:

1. King James I the Conqueror (b.1208, r.1231-1276)

2. King James II (b.1243, r.1276-1311): Second son of James I and Violante of Hungary. He married Esclaramunda of Foix (1250-1299) in 1272.

3. Sancho I (b. 1276, r. 1311-1324): Second son of James II and Queen Esclaramunda, became Crown Prince after his brother James renounced his rights of succession in 1299 and became a Franciscan monk. In 1304 he married Princess Mary of Naples and Anjou (1290-1347), by whom he had no children.

4. Jaime III (b. 1315, r.1324-1349): Nephew of King Sancho, as a son of Prince Ferdinand and Isabelle de Sabran. He married Constance of Aragon (1318-1346) in 1336. His second wife was Violante de Villarragut 1324-1369), daughter of Berenguer de Villarragut and Princess Saura if Majorca. They were married in 1347, two years before James was defeated and killed by the army of thew King of Aragon in the battle of Lluchmajor.  His children by his first marriage (a girl was born from the second wife, but died infant) claimed the thron of Majorca as James IV and Isabella I (she became titular Queen after James's IV's death without issue, even though he had married Queen Joan of Naples).