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Infanta Alicia of Spain, daughter of Infante Carlos, Duke of Madrid

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Can anyone tell me something more about Infanta Maria Alicia of Spain,daughter of Prince Carlos Maria of Spain and Princess Margherita of Bourbon-Parma?She married firstly to Prince Friedrich von Schoenburg-Waldenburg...I am also interested how it came to this marriage?And why him?Where there any other suitors?

Alice de Borbón, infanta of Spain

Born 1876, Died 1975

1st marriage: 1897, with Prince Friedrich von Schoenburg-Waldenburg

2nd marriage: 1906, with Lino del Prete


1st marriage:
Carl, Prince von Schoenburg-Waldenburg

2nd marriage:
Margherita del Prete
Giorgio del Prete
Maria Cristina del Prete
Maria Beatrice del Prete
Maria Luisa del Prete
Maria Francesca del Prete
Francesco del Prete
Ernestina del Prete
Maria Valentina del Prete

Infanta Alicia of Spain was born at Pau, in the Lower Pyrenees, on June 29, 1876.  She died in Il Cole, Bergecchia, Lucca (40 kilometres from Florence +/-), on January 20, 1975.

She firstly married Prince Friedrich von Shönburg-Waldenburg  (1872-1910) at Venice on April 26, 1897.  The marriage ended in divorce in 1903, being religiously annulled three years later.  The couple had one son, Prince Karl Leopold, who married twice, his second wife being a native of Moorea, in French Polynesia, and by whom he had at five children, three sons and two daughters: Marewa, Vetea, Tewa, Mihimana and Matahi.

Alicia entered a morganatic marriage with Lino del Prete (1877-1956), a Cavalry General in the Italian Army.  The wedding took place on June 3, 1906, a week after her first marriage had been annulled by the Rota Tribunal at the Vatican.

However, and to her family's great distress, being that they were such defenders of ultramontane Catholicism, alicia had already given birth to two children by Lino del Prete, Margherita, born in 1904, and Giorgio, born in 1905.  Seven more children were to follow after their 1906 wedding, the last being born in 1922, when Infanta Alicia was in her mid-forties.

Because of the scandal caused by the love affair with Lino del Prete, Alicia de Borbón remained stranged from her family for many, many years.

Arturo Beéche

Do you know how it came to marriage with Schoenburg-Waldenburg family(Friedrich)?Who was the matchmaker?

No I do not...

But since the family lived in Austria as exiles, then I am not surprised that she married a Schönburg-Waldenburg, a prominent mediatized family in the Austrian capital.

Her eldest sister, Blanca de Borbón (1868-1949), had married Archduke Leopold Salvator of Austria-Tuscany (1863-1931).  

One sister, Elvira, also caused quite a stir when she started having children from an artist by the name of Filippo Folchi; while Alicia's remaning sister, Infanta Beatriz de Borbón (1874-1861), married Prince Fabrizio Massimo, Prince of Roviano and Duke of Anticoli Corrado.  Infanta Beatriz inherited from her great-uncle's estate, the Count of Chambord, the magnificent castle of Frohsdorf, home in exile of the French Royal Family.  Beatriz' daughter, Princess Blanca Massimo, who married the Count of Wurmbrand-Stuppach (a mediatized House), inherited Frohsdorf from her mother.  

Although the main house was sold some time ago, the Wurmbrand-Stuppachs continue residing in part of the Frohsdorf estate.

Arturo Beéche


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