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Romanovs and Faith/Orthodox Religion

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Joanna Mayer:
I was just curious about the religious feeling of the members of this site. I've noticed some bible quotations and I wondered if any members here are Russian Orthodox?  Please dont feel that I'm prying...I'm not going to ridicule anyone-- I am simply interested...

Joanna Mayer

There are Orthodox Christians that post here. My husband and I are Episcopalian & Lutheran. We also have some Jewish posters. Many others here - I have no idea what their religion is or if they are irreligious. My guess is - we are a mixed bag.

Joanna Mayer:
I am actually looking for some information regarding Russian Orthodoxy. Any ideas about easy to understand info on the web?

I think understanding the Russian Orthodox Church is probably a good way to understand what truly motivated the Tsarina. I don't see why a question about that would be off limits at all.

I'm new here and probably not representative, but I was raised Roman Catholic. Now I'm probably best described as a cafeteria-style Catholic. I see a lot of similarities between Catholicism and Orthodoxy when I read about Imperial Russia.

Hi Joanna,
I'm an Orthodox Christian. If you are interested in finding out more about the church try this website: http://www.orthdoxinfo.com or if you wanted to read a book I would recommend The Orthodox Church by Timothy [Kallistos] Ware. That covers the basic history and doctrine of the Church [if you're that interested]. Are you looking for answers for specific questions? I'd be happy to help in any way.
-Anastasia  :)


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