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Tatiana's Stats and Characteristics

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As I just did in Marie's and Anastasia's threads, this topic is to assist those who would like to be able to picture the Grand Duchesses in full color and demeanor:

Name: Tatiana Nicholaievna Romanova
Date of birth:    May 29 / June 10, 1897
Eye color: deep grey
Hair color: dark brown/auburn
Nickname: the governess, Tanya
Name day: January 12

Other things we could add, of course, would be things like favorite gem, favorite perfume scent, etc.

Please note: Robert Massie describes it as auburn.  "Auburn" is technically a color which includes some red in it - some see it more as a red, others see it more as a brown with some red in it.

name's day 12 january

29 May/10 June 1895.  Nickname: Tanya.


--- Quote ---29 May/10 June 1895.  Nickname: Tanya.
--- End quote ---

You mean 1897, right? Sorry, I don't mean to nitpick, I just don't want you catching grief from anyone else... :-*


ARG!  What an awful typo.  Yes, 1897.  I do that a lot.  I'll type in one girl's birthyear while thinking/writing about another one!


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