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Olga's stats and characteristics

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To assist those who wish to imagine the Grand Duchesses in full color and humour, I thought I would start a topic on each of them where we could post things like their birthdate, favorite things, eye and hair color, etc.

For instance:

Name: Olga Nicholaievna Romanova
Date of birth: November 3 / 15, 1895
Eye color: blue
Hair color: dark blond
Nickname: Olyshka, Olishka, Olya
Name day: July 11

Romanova was her last name.  Olishka and Olya were nicknames. She was born on 3/15 Nov. 1895 so technically to us, 15 Nov.

Do we have any idea what her height was???

I know its asking for too much probably...

^Most likely around 5"4 or 5"5.

I usually put her at 5'5 to 5'6.


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