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« on: June 07, 2012, 07:15:57 PM »
Just wondering, and thought someone here might know. Did Alexandra or OTMA ever teach Alexei how to knit or do needlework? Maybe sometimes, he might not have felt well enough to, but it might have been something he might learn as a distraction, to have something interesting/useful to do.


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Re: Knitting/Needlework
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I think he knew how to knit. I do not know of a reliable source that said this that I can find easily, yet I seem to recall reading something on the forum about that. I know that in the Anastasia Royal Diary he knit a scarf for Joy, but that is most certainly not a reliable source! If I find something, I will post it, but I am sure that one of our more knowledgeable members who have a specialty for interesting bits like this will be able to say!

EDIT: Hmm, here's something:
I think I read on AP that Alexandra also taught Alexei how to knit. 
From a thread on Alexandra's personal world.