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I'm an avid gardener, so I would like to know who was responsible for maintaining the lawns, and gardens. How many people would have been involved in the planting, pruning and upkeep of the vast landscape.

What is being done down to get it back to its original beauty if anything?


Good question, asking about the grounds surrounding the palace. I would also like to know what kinds of trees and flowers grew there in the family's time, just out of curiosity.

One more thing that I thought of - I imagine that the vegetable garden area cultivated by the family during their captivity is now overgrown with grass again, but is it possible that the dirt there was left bare for planting other things in that same spot?

After the revolution the gardens were not maintained properly and things rapidly became overgrown.  Parts of the gardens were purposefully vandalized and some revolutionary 'heroes' were buried right in the middle of the park.  After the palace was established as a museum they tried to get things back under control, but they weren't able to replant some of the things that had been lost.  So, from that point until World War II the Alexander Palace park was kept in fairly good order.  Kuchumov told me how the park and the field of grass and wildflowers extended from the palace all the way to the Feodorovsky Sobor and how beautiful it was.  He said it was one of the glories of Russia - like Versailles - like a little paradise with the river and the gorgeous Slavic style white buildings, gilded dome, etc...

After the war the park was a mess, dead trees, bombs, mines, toxic chemicals, human remains, fragments of things from the palaces strewn about. Although the Catherine Palace park was restored, little beyond cleaning up the Alexander Park and installing underground heating and water systems was done.

I really believe one day we will see it all be restored - with swans on the kitchen pond, Alix's balcony back with flowers planted beneath it and the green field of cut grass stretching to the Cathedral and the Gorodok....


I have gone to the place where the vegetable garden was both in summer and winter.  When I have seen it this area of the park was terribly overgrown and dangerous to try and walk through.  I thought the mounds they piled up were still to be seen in places but because the park was torn up so much in the war it's possible that the was cause of the mounds and pits there.

Antonio has been there more recently and I hope he will share what he saw with us.

Maybe there are others that have looked there, too.


Hello Bob!
I´ve tried many times to look for the exact place and think i found it. I studied the parts of the palace facade that could be seen in the old photographs of the kitchen garden. The area is now wooded and there´s no trace altogether of the big marble vases that used to be nearby. As far as i could see there was no trace of the kitchen garden...


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