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Re: Karl XIV Johan,King of Sweden, and his Queen Desire
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Now, here is another question. In nearly every encyclopedia article that I have ever read (about Swedish history) it says that the Swedish Royal House became extinct with Carl XIII, thus the justification for bringing the Bernadottes to the throne. However if KIng Gustav IV had a son the royal family was therefore not extinct. It seems that this Prince Vasa should have been the rightful king.

My question is, "When there was a legitimate male heir to the crown from the line of King Gustav, why was he passed over for an upstart from France (with no royal blood to speak of)?"

The short answer is, the legitimist perspective was not of primary importance at the time.

The slightly longer answer is, Sweden sought a Napoleonic figure to lead their country when the House of Vasa's leadership became ineffective. It's hard for us to see things the way people did then, nearly 200 years ago. Napoleon and his generals were seen as revoltionary, as innovators of the future. The only analogy I can give you is the rise of Microsoft and Apple over the past 25 years. Everyone now sees Gates and Jobs as revoluntionary in business, as innovators of the future. With their advent, old ways of doing business have been replaced with newer ones.

Interesting analogy, especially as Carl XIV Johan despite his revolutionary background ended up being considered reactionary and an obstacle to progress in his adopted realms, much like the monopolistic Microsoft is today.

Vive la révolution! Long live open source software!

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Re: Karl XIV Johan,King of Sweden, and his Queen Desire
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From LIFE magazine

The original


Courtesy of Grand Duchess Ally

"...Пусть он землю бережет родную, А любовь Катюша сбережет....". Grand Duchess Ekaterina Fyodorovna to Grand Duke Georgiy Alexandrovich. 1914

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