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Stabbing of Rasputin in 1914

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--- Quote from: Sarushka on February 06, 2008, 09:52:25 AM ---
--- Quote from: Belochka on February 06, 2008, 12:41:12 AM ---In your preliminary posting on this thread you had failed to declare that you used my biographic notes to base your inquiry. You failed to respond to my previous question concerning the matter. Please explain what it is that are you attempting to demonstrate here? Thank you in advance.

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I did not fail to declare your article as the source of my inquiry -- I chose not to. Frankly, I do not enjoy our exchanges and thus I deliberately chose more neutral sources to frame my question in hopes of avoiding your involvement and the possibility of further antagonization. In that, I clearly failed; I had not anticipated the possibility of bruising your ego.

I also have a clear impression that you think I started this thread as a veiled attempt at challenging your research. Let me assure you that is not the case, and that once again I am offended by your insinuations and assumptions. I needed correct information regarding these dates for a project of my own. I have obtained that information, and due to the fact that we clearly do not communicate well, I do not plan to visit this thread again.

--- End quote ---

Why does this OT disrespectful posting remain while my inoffensive response was deleted?

Forum Admin:
Sarah was answering your question above. That's why. Margarita, you really must "lighten up" simply because your article was not cited publicly.  Sarah was not making some public slight of you because she didn't mention your article. I had hoped to just let it all go, but  you couldn't.

Sarushka, this quotation from Maria Feodorovna's diary wil perhaps interest you. She was at that time in England.

30.06/ 13.07 1914
(...) All the evenings' papers are full of news about the assassination attempt agains R. who nevertheless didn't die, he was only wounded by some woman.

Thank you matushka! It's helpful to know how quickly the news spread.


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