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This is a bit before the time of most topic's discussed on this forum, but I figured I'd give it a try...

Have been reading abit about Vasilli I (B:1371; Reigned:Grand Prince of Moscow 1389-1425; D:1425) - his father sent him to the Tatar ruler Tokhtamysh with tribute seeking a patent for the father's continued rule as Grand Prince of Moscow in 1384.

Vasilli was taken hostage by Tokhtamysh during that trip, escaping from Tokhtamysh's court around 1386.  While traveling back to Moscow Vasilli stoped in Lithuania where he became engaged to his one and only wife, Sofia, daughter of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vitovt.  Their's was a complex relationship that went back and forth into the early 1400's.

I'm interested in reading more about Vasilli's time as a hostage, his escape, and how he ended up becoming engaged.  My two principal sources are "The Formation of Muscovy 1304-1613" by Robert Crummey and "Medieval Russia 980-1584" by the wonderful Janet Martin.  Does anyone know of any other english books on this period that I should be looking for?

Many thanks in advance.