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I was reading the letter "fragments" from the main page in the Alexander Palace Time Machine.

I think Im going nuts, because I couldn't find alink for Olga's letters  ???

Is it just me????

The link isn't listed above Tatiana's letters as it should be, but here's the link:  http://www.alexanderpalace.org/palace/odiaries.html


Thank you very much Ilya!

Here is one from the site Matushka posted. It is a very interesting site, but I'd forgotten the URL!

26 December 1917
Hello Ritka my dear!
I got your letter of the 7th yesterday evening, and I thank you greatly for it. Of course I already wrote to you on Sunday, but I don't know if you will get it or not. Well, already it is the holidays. We have a Christmas Tree in the corner of the hall which gives off a wonderful smell, but not like the ones at Tsarskoe. It is a special type of tree and is called a 'balsamic fir tree'. It smells strongly of oranges and mandarins and there is always resin flowing down its trunk. We don't have any decorations - just 'silver rain' and wax candles - of course these are Church candles as we don't have any other. After dinner on Christmas Eve we distributed presents - for the most part our embroideries. Dividing them up and working out who will get what reminded us completely of the charitable markets in Yalta. You remember how much preparation went on always?
The Vigil service was at 10 in the evening and the Christmas tree was lit. It was beautiful and nice. The choir was big and sang well, but like at a concert, and this I do not like. Ritka, you know, we haven't had a line from Lili, and pretty much nothing since August which is strange enough, we know only through your letters. She was in Odessa. Really, coud she have forgotten about us?!
I'm writing to you on the huge table int he big hall. My brother's toy soldiers are all over the table. A little way off Papa and the four children are drinking coffee, but mama is not up yet. The sun is shining onto the paper between my right arm. We finally had some snow and it added to our snow mountain. I wrote a small letter to Chern. and got a reply the next day. Please thank him and pass on our big regards to him. Katia writes, so does T. Sonya. Bibi has been silent three months and Olya Kolzakova longer. Iza has arrived but they have not released her from the house. We have only seen her from the window.  Well, I'll finish here. I wish you much happiness for next year and kiss you strongly my darling. All send their regards. Mama kisses you. God be with you.
Your Olga

Hearty thanks my dearest ritka for your greetings. We sometimes get letters from Lyuba.We often remember you. I kiss you warmly. Anastasia

I've read this one before; it is to Margarita Khitrovo. :)


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