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Count Wladimir Freedericksz (1838-1927)

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Yes, Voeikov escaped. He was arrested in 1917 but released at which point he and Nini fled to the Crimea. They left Russia in 1919, going first to Romania, before settling in Finland near Nini's father. He died in 1947 at the age of 79.

Yes, Fredericks/Freedericksz did eventually escape. He remained in St. Petersburg for some time after the Revolution. His wife Hedwige/Jadwiga (b. 1838 ) died there on 5 Oct 1919. I'm not sure if you were aware of this but she was married once before to a M. Ciecholewski. I don't believe there were any children from her first marriage. Anyway, Fredericks left Russia for Finland in 1924. He died in Grankula, Finland 1 July 1927. He was born in 1838.

I also discovered something new. Nini and her husband Voeikov apparently left Finland at some point and moved to Sweden. According to Timothy Boettger that is where they both died.

Countess Eugenia Fredericks b. Paris, France 8 May 1867 d. Djursholm, Sweden 29 Dec 1950 m. 1895 Vladimir Voeikov b. 14 Aug 1868 d. Danderyd, Sweden 8 Oct 1947

Countess Emma Fredericks b. Paris, France 11 Nov 1869 d. Stockholm, Sweden 20 Feb 1945 She never married.

Daniel Briere:
Joanna, did you know Major General Voeikov wrote his memoirs? They were published (in old Russian alphabet) in Helsinki in 1936 : « S tsarem i bez tsaria : vospominaniia poslednego Dvortsovogo Komendanta Gosudaria Imperatora Nikolaia II V.N. Voeikova » (approximate translation : « With (a/the) tsar and without (a/the) tsar; memoirs of the last Palace Commandant of  Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II V.N. Voeikov »). After the February Revolution he mentions his city appartment (in Petrograd) « on the Moika near Pevchevsky Bridge » (close to Palace Square). I don’t know where he lived in Tsarskoe Selo. Before he was chosen as Palace Commandant (on December 24, 1913…nice Christmas gift!!) he was the Commanding Officer of His Majesty’s Guards Hussar Regiment and writes that he was living in the Commandant’s house in Sofia (south part of Tsarskoe Selo, where the regiment was garrisoned).  Then he certainly moved to other quarters and lived near the Palace (he may even have some rooms there as Palace Commandant – Bob would probably know).

His memoirs were reprinted at least twice in Russia (1994, 1995) but, to my knowledge, haven’t yet been translated. Maybe an interesting project for Atlantis Magazine?

Forum Admin:
For anyone interested in Count Freedericks, we will be putting up the translation of his Interrogation while imprisoned in 1918, for the June Newsletter.  Forum readers can have a sneak preview here:

I´m quite confussed about Voeikov´s wife. Gleb Botkin wrote about him and said that he scaped to Finland leaving behind(without any regret) his wife, daughter of Fredericks, that was "a hunchback and almost a total invalid". In fact he wrote that this was the reason why Fredericks remained in Petersburg, for his daughter was unable to escape.
In addition, Gleb described Voeikov as a parvenue, ridiculous person, that only cared for taking advantage of his position as son-in-law to Fredericks, and making two or three million rubles of a supposed radioactive water he found in his state. Then sold it taclessly to a chain of rairoad-station restaurants, a thing he could only do because of his official position.

who was then Voeikov´s wife? Emma or Eugenie?


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