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Count Wladimir Freedericksz (1838-1927)

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as a close confident to the last Tsar (wasn't he equivalent to today's "Chief of Staff") and from a family who had personally served the Tsars for years this man knew much.  Has his archive ever been found?  Has there ever been a good (english) bio written on him?  I suspect this man had a great story to tell - though, given his upbringing and the time he'd never do it - perhaps he left data behind that others can use to write a great book.




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Here is a photography of Count Wladimir Freedericks in his court uniform around 1900. I think he looks very "chic" indeed !!

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That looks like the crown Prince (later King Gustav V) of Sweden

The estate of Count Fredericks 'Monrepo' celebrates anniversary. Name of the marks 250 years.
Count Fredericks lived here from 1921 to 1927.  Here he died.
Then it was Finland.


Freedericksz died in Kauniainen, 20 km west of Helsinki, Finland, in 1927. "Mon Repos" is a park in Vyborg, founded 250 years ago.

Yes, maybe you're right. Thank you. But the "Monrepo" before the revolution belonged to Count Fredericks.
It is known that there was a kindergarten, then a sanatorium, but now everything is destroyed, and everything should be restored. This was always said of our famous people Dmitry Likhachev.
There is a documentary where Dmitry Likhachev tells of Monrepo park. Unfortunately, this park is not as well known as the Peterhof and Pavlovsk.


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