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Hello, this is my first post here and I'm glad I found this forum.  I have had this question for quite some time and this is the first place I have found that might be able to answer it.

Apparently gay marriage will become legal in Spain within a matter of weeks/months.  This law will affect all citizens, royal and otherwise.

So here is my (hypothetical) question ...

if a member of the Spanish family married a member of her/his own sex, what would the courtesy title of her/his new spouse be?

It has perplexed me for months now.  I have tried to find the answer to this question by researching other kingdoms with similar laws (Holland, Belgium) but am having no luck.


What a fascinating question.  I am surprised that no one has ventured forth to speculate what might happen in this eventuality - perhaps everyone is grappling with the concept (I know that I am)!

I suupose that it would very much depend on the status of the royal personage in question.......

I still can't imagine what would have to be gone through just to get to the public admission of the hypothetical royal person's sexuality, let alone how the style and title of the potential spouse might be decided......

Fascinating nonetheless.......Any suggestions?


I can't believe I hadn't seen this thread!

Well, our Constitution (1978) says nothing about what should be done if that occured as, when it was written, no one could even imagine that 27 years later homosexual marriages would be approved by the Cortes.

The Spanish writer Juan Balansó wrote in his book ''Los diamantes de la Corona'' that if the heir to the Spanish throne married a person of his or her own sex, in the case of two males, the heir would become King of Spain and his partner, Prince Consort. If the case were two females, it would be the Queen of Spain and the Queen Consort, unless the Constitution was changed in order to make this discrimination disappear.

When Balansó wrote this he was supposing it (he died in 2003), so I think that if we had a gay King or Queen there would be a lot of trouble if they decided to marry someone of their own sex. I imagine that he or she would just decide to remain unmarried and live happily with a partner without being married. I think that would be the most sensible option as a gay marriage within Royalty could mean the end of the monarchy.

But about the titles, considering what is said in the Constitution, the titles would be H.R.H the King of Spain and the Prince Consort or H.R.H the Queen of Spain and the Queen Consort. Well, sounds funny, doesn't it?

I dont think that will ever happen. If is member of the Spanish Royal family did marry someone of the same sex I think they would loose their title. Even though the world has changed I just cant see it happening. A woman and a woman or man man cant make heirs. The house laws might not say anything about this beacause its probably considered a non issue, because of the low chance of it actually happening, not the gay royal part but, the part of a gay royal having a same sex spouse. I mean its their duty to marry the opposite sex and have heirs.

I think it could happen in Japan.


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