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Just finished reading the book A Princess in the Family. It is a very short book and an easy read. Although very little information is given about Granny Alina. I wish the author would have shared more of his memories of the woman. But anyway, it was interesting. I didn't want to start this topic under claimants because Granny Alina never made a claim. I doubt that she really was GDMarie, but she did live the life I would imagine that a GD would have lived had any of them survived the cellar.

So, is there info in the book about her escape, etc?  Or is the book only about Alina in South Africa?  I am interested in getting this book, but if it is only reminisces about Alina, but nothing about the so-called escape, I'll pass.


This is something I'd like to know more about, but like Denise said only if it offers new info.

It is sadly disappointing in details of her life. It mostly talks about the author's efforts to determine whether she was one of the GD's or not. He tried to have DNA testing, but it couldn't be done because of the condition of the body. I just like reading about the pretenders. Although I must make it clear Granny ALena never did make a claim that she was a GD. Like I said, it is very lacking in details of her life or what kind of person she was. I had no idea what to expect so I bought it to see.

Baby Tsarevich:
Here's a website about a women that claimed she was the Grand Duchess Marie :-/



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