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Re: Claimants of Grand Duchess Marie Nikolaevna
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Here, in Catalonia, no one paid too much attention to that claim related to María Martí and the few comments I heard about her grandson, from people that know him (to which degree I can't tell, I'm sorry), are not quite nice. Apparently, he has some dellusions of grandeur and, judging from what I've heard, he has lost his marbles, poetically speaking. The last thing I read about that guy was a funny thing: he claimed that he was the rightful heir to some of the titles of SAR Felipe de Asturias, and made such a fuss explaining why those titles belong to them that made me the impression that he had not the slightest clue about the topic he was talking about.

A sad thing, from my point of view.

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Re: Claimants of Grand Duchess Marie Nikolaevna
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Two more "Marias":

1) Averees Iacowelly: She was mentioned in a brief way at the thread of photos of claimants in this same section but here's a bit longer "biography"

Died at 1979. An unknown woman that called herself Averees Iacowelly appeared in a Polish village on January, 23th, 1919. All her body was covered with scars and wounds, and according with a later medical evidence, they all were serious enough.
Averis  refused to talk about his past, which led her neighbour to the assumption that in front of her Grand Duchess Anastasia , survived from  the Ekaterinburg execution. Immediately the whole village knew the "discovery", for scaping to the gossip, Yakovelli hurried to move further into Poland, but in the new village, which she has chosen for his residence, she was immediately "identified" as the  Grand Duchess Maria.
It is unclear what happened to Yakovelli over the next two years, according to rumors, after its "incognito" was exposed, she attempted to return to Russia, but eventually in 1921 married a Polish soldier named Karlk Dyanogy and she gave birth to a baby boy named Nicholas.
In 1956 , Nicholas Dyanogy (the son of this woman) died of hemophilia , this completely demoralized her. Eyewitnesses recalled that she had often repeated that "the whole family was killed, every one," which was seen as a belated recognition of the "royal origin."
In 1965 Averis widowed, and married for the second time in a merchant named Giovanni Ricci, and went with him  to Switzerland. She died of tuberculosis at 1979.  At her grave there is the inscription "Maria Romanova, 1899-1979." A few supporters have managed to track down a few pages from a diary kept Averis, which she kept during her stay in Poland and expose his handwriting examination. According to their assurances, the handwriting of Averees was identical to the handwriting of Grand Duchess Maria.

2) Rosella Digoya. She was mentioned on the claimants list of Russian verssion of wikipedia, I wonder who was she, this is the first time that I read her name. There's no information about her on that site, all information is welcome!

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